Healthy is the New Beautiful

Sherry HarrisHealthy is the New Beautiful

Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, teacher, healer

Why are we so enchanted when we look into the eyes of a new baby? What do we see in their eyes that is so compelling? I believe it is the purity, the cleanness, the depth we see as if we are looking directly into their soul. It is also the radiant health we see. It is seeing pure potential; life untouched by pollution on any level—body, mind or spirit. We remember just a little how that felt and we long to be there, to feel that pure, that untouched again.

Feeling light and clean is addictive because it feels so good and has so many benefits. It is a natural high. How clean we feel is a direct reflection of how we eat. I am assuming most people reading this have a good grasp of hygiene and keeping their outer bodies clean. Keeping our inner terrain clean is another story and even more important. This requires looking at all the energies that impact us, starting with how we eat. Next is how we think, how we feel, how we practice our spirituality, what we choose to have in our environment and  what we surround ourselves with energetically.

How you eat is a reflection of how much you love yourself. If you think you can put garbage in your system and be high functioning, feel good, and be growing in consciousness, you are wrong. Body, mind and spirit all work in harmony. If you are still eating gluten, dairy and sugar your body is being stressed. It takes a lot energy to detoxify  these three so called foods. Ever noticed how much energy it takes to digest a big meal, how it knocks you out and makes you sleepy? Try juicing for a while, with your digestive energy reduced to a minimum, and  see the rise in your energy level. My suggestion is organic greens 80% and organic other vegetables 20%, juiced or not. I have found juicing so beneficial in terms of promoting cleansing, detoxification, balance, lightness and conscious growth, I can’t imagine how I managed to feel good eating three heavy meals a day. Truth is I didn’t feel good and my energy was very low. Feeling clean and light is so addictive, you’ll find yourself returning to it over and over. It brings a natural high.

Being radiantly healthy brings such flow to life, everything works better.  You may laugh, but I get more parking spots at the front and more green lights. Just a small example of what being in the flow brings. When I love myself and treat my body with love and respect, I draw to divine flow to me and other loving, self respecting people who value themselves and see their connection with all life. Like attracts like. If you want healthy people in your life you must make that commitment to yourself.

If you want to glow, want your light to shine through, detox and juice, green preferably. Your skin will shine, your eyes will glow with a magnificent light from within and your energy will double, at least. You’ll need less sleep, your stress will be reduced as your body is not spending so much time trying to digest indigestible foods. People will notice you’ve lost weight, changed your body shape and are even moving differently. You are showing that you love yourself and that is not only beautiful, but sexy as well, at any age. Vibrant health is contagious. People see you changing, see your light shining through and they want to know what you’ve done. Can’t say this enough—organic green juicing is a  great start. Add to that daily quiet time, gratitude for life and all the experiences it brings including loving, like-minded companions to grow and share with and you are off to a good start in raising your vibration. When you start to show life you value it, love and honour it, life/ consciousness reflects that back to you. When you love yourself, love flows back to you. As above, so below, it is one of the hermetic laws.

I am ready to teach a select number of people who are ready to sky-rocket forward in their consciousness. I want to share how to be really healthy and in so doing how to raise  their vibration significantly. We will be working on cleansing the physical, removing emotional blockages, releasing mental/egoic patterning, and transcending low levels of consciousness by expanding the love we have, not only for ourselves, but all life, all consciousness. We will examine how we eat, think, feel and live our spirituality. We will be growing on all levels and this will take a commitment of 6 weeks, one night a week,  where you are ready to make the needed changes to clean up your life in all areas. Groups will be $180 upfront for 6 sessions, probably on a Monday or Wednesday night, 7-9 pm, and will be limited to 8 people. Insurance receipts will be available covered by most providers. Call me if you are interested, ready to commit to spiritual cleansing and think this group will be a good fit for you. 613-236-8852. I hope to start soon and will do so as soon as I have the right 8 people. I am calling this group–Clean Up Your Life.

Rev. Sherry Harris is a psycho-spirtual counsellor, coach, teacher and healer. She may be reached at 613-236-8852 (preferably) or by email at I am old school, I really enjoy hearing a voice and all the energy it carries.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits For Life

Clean EatingDeveloping Healthy Eating Habits For Life

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when attempting to lose weight is to follow extreme eating habits for short period of time and then return to former eating habits once their weight loss goal has been attained. This is a sure formula for failure in terms of weight loss because the person is bound to simply regain the weight that has been lost. Lasting weight loss is the result of lasting healthy eating habits. In this article, we will discuss ways that you can change your eating habits for life. Read on to learn more.

Many extreme diets recommend that you throw out all of the food in your home that does not comply with your new diet regimen. This is an extreme and costly thing to do. Instead, get in the habit of making mindful of choices when you go to the store. As you run out of the items you now have in your cupboards and refrigerator, examine them and determine whether or not they’re healthful and beneficial. If not, make a wiser choice the next time you go to the store. Look at similar items and choose only foods that are low in artificial ingredients and colors and high in unprocessed, natural ingredients. Of course, a qualified and experienced nutriton coah or dietician can guide you as well.

Develop smart shopping habits by shopping on the outside aisles at the store. When you begin your shopping around the perimeter of the store, you will purchase your fresh fruits and vegetables first, your meats second and your dairy products third. The reason for doing this is that the most natural, whole foods products are stocked around the perimeter of the store. Once you have made your selections of these essential items, follow a careful list to find only the items you want in the center aisles of the store. Avoid impulse buying of junk food such as chips, candy, soda and other snack items.

You can buy a higher quality of food at lower prices if you purchase whole foods in bulk. Beans, nuts, rice and other dry goods are much less expensive when purchased in bulk. Some stores also have excellent prices on family size packages of meats and other items. You can save a great deal of money and eat much better by purchasing, simple foods in bulk. If you do not have a large family, you can separate these items into smaller packages and store them properly when you get home. Eating a higher quality of food on a regular basis will help you maintain a healthy level of weight. By high quality this means, foods rich in nutrients and that align with a healthy lifestyle or may even be goal specific.

Be sure to keep plenty of healthy, convenient snack items on hand so that you will always have good snacking choices at home and on the go. Fresh fruits, natural dried fruits and nuts make excellent choices as snacks. Old fashioned popcorn can be air popped in advance and bagged in snack bags to enjoy at home or at work. This is both less expensive and more healthful than eating chemical laden, processed prepackaged microwave popcorn.

Purchase an inexpensive water filtration pitcher and commit to making filtered water your drink of choice. When you filter your own tap water you will save a great deal of money and enjoy fresh, pure water in unlimited quantities. Water is essential for weight loss and good health. By replacing other beverages with water, you will cut huge numbers of calories out of your daily intake and become slimmer and healthier.

Adding smart, healthy, mindful choices to your eating and shopping habits will change your life. Lifelong good nutrition is the key to lifelong good health and appropriate weight. Refer to the information presented here to create a healthful lifestyle and maintain a proper weight level.  If you need more help, I am available for nutrition consultation. Click, Ottawa Personal Trainer for your free nutrition consultation.

Things To Do Before Beginning A Weight Loss Plan

CleanThings To Do Before Beginning A Weight Loss Plan

Before beginning any weight loss program, it is important to plan. This article will help you plan for your weight loss journey. Continue reading to see what you should do to help ensure you have success when trying to lose weight.

Before beginning any diet, it is important to clean out your refrigerator and cabinets. Eliminate all junk food and other tempting foods that do not fit into your diet plan. Doing this simple thing can help keep you from sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

After your cabinets and refrigerator have been cleaned out, it is time to begin planning your meals and snacks. By writing out a weekly menu that includes your meals and snacks, you can avoid temptation when going to the grocery store. Take your menu and write out your grocery list. When writing your grocery list, group foods on the same aisle together. This can help you avoid getting tempted while shopping.

Buy a pedometer before you begin your diet. Get comfortable wearing it and get into a habit of putting it on as soon as you get out of bed. You should aim to get at least 10,000 steps each day for best results. When shopping for a pedometer, search for one that shows walking steps separately from aerobic steps. Then, make sure that at least 20 percent of your steps is at an aerobic level.

Take a photograph of yourself before you begin your weight loss. Then, each week take a photograph of yourself to compare with the one you took before you begin. This will enable you to quickly see how you are doing without depending on the scales.

Share your weight loss plans with your friends and family members. You will need support while you are on your weight loss journey. By building a support network, you will have someone to talk to when you are tempted to cheat on your diet. Additionally, by letting your family and friends know that you are trying to lose weight, they will be more likely to offer only healthy choices when you visit them.

Purchase a journal. Use this journal to chronicle every step of the way to your weight loss goals. In this journal, write down exactly what you eat each day, what time you eat and the amount of exercise you do each day. This journal will be especially helpful when you hit a plateau in your weight loss journey. Also, by writing down everything you eat and everything you do, you will be more likely to make wise decisions.

Find a friend who wants to lose weight. By finding a diet buddy, you are more likely to stick to your diet and exercise plans. Talk with your dieting partner everyday for best results.

It is vital that you carefully plan before beginning any weight loss program. This article has shown you everything you need to do to be successful when trying to lose weight. Follow the advice located above to develop that body you have always dreamed of having.

How To Dine Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

DineHow To Dine Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

One of the most common complaints that dieters have is how to dine out without sabotaging their diet. There are many techniques that you can incorporate into your dining plans to help you stay on track with your weight loss. Continue reading how you can dine out without sacrificing your weight loss efforts.

Portion Control

Most dishes served at restaurants is actually enough food for two servings. To avoid the temptation of overeating, ask your server to place half of your order in a to go box before they deliver it to your table. Not only will this keep you from overheating, but it will also give you a lunch or dinner for the next day.

Skip The Appetizers

Many people feel they must order an appetizer when offered one. This is one of the biggest mistakes dieters make when dining out. Instead of ordering an appetizer, ask your server to bring your soup or salad out before your entree arrives. If you must order an appetizer, choose a shrimp cocktail.

Drink Two Glasses Of Water

Ask your server for a couple of glasses of water before your meal arrives. By drinking two full glasses of water before eating, you can limit the amount of food you eat. Additionally, take a sip of water between each bite to give your brain time to realize that you are full.

Ask About Low Calorie, Low Fat Options

Many restaurants now offer reduced calorie low fat options on their menu. Ask your server for suggestions. If there are not low calorie options available, opt for either an appetizer or salad as your main course. A simple grilled chicken breast with a side salad is the perfect choice for dieters.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks

Many people do not realize the calories in alcoholic beverages. Instead of ordering a soda, a glass of sweet tea or an alcoholic beverage, order an unsweetened tea or a glass of ice water with lemon. This will help prevent you from ingesting unnecessary calories. If you must order an alcoholic beverage, choose a light beer or a single glass of wine.

Skip Dessert

When you are out to eat, you may be tempted by one of the desserts offered at the restaurant. If possible, skip dessert. However, if you feel you must have dessert, ask your friend if they would like to split a dessert with you. If this is not an option, many restaurants are now offering miniature desserts. For example, some chain restaurants now offer a one ounce dessert known as a dessert shooter. This offers those wanting dessert something small with lower calories.

Many dieters do not know how to eat properly when dining out. By following the techniques from this article you can enjoy a dinner out with friends without sacrificing your diet. Learn from the information above and begin using the strategies located in this article the next time you go out to eat while on a diet.

3 Rules Champions Must Follow

Side_shot_trophy_weight_lifting_bodybuilding_powerlifting1) Overcome adversity – we all face challenges, however the challenge for any champion will always be higher. Why? Simple, there can only be one. There will only be 1 initial place in the prime who has surpassed every single obstacle when others have failed. Becoming steadfast within your conviction, you cannot accept defeat. The only strategy to grow to be a Champion is to forge ahead exactly where others have turned back. As most champions know, If you don’t try, you will never succeed, because you will never know what is expected to become a champion.This factor separates the winners from the losers.

2) Believe in yourself – No one will believe in you like you. Maintaining in thoughts that arrogance is considerably various than self-assurance, you need to think that you just possess the innate capacity to attain. Attain anything you set your mind to! Absolutely everything about you is going to assistance you, What about you? Self-reflect on who you are and what you do. What do you think? You need to think that you can make a dream come alive. You should dig deep down inside, and channel your inner strength to genuinely and genuinely think which you can achieve your targets. Only then, will you be capable of concentrate and see accomplishment. No one is gonna do the hard work for you. So if  you’re not a hard worker, chances are you will fail.

Mid_Figure_trophy_weight_lifting_bodybuilding_powerlifting3) Enjoy the Ride – All of us know folks will seldom do some thing that they do not get pleasure from. And in case you do not take pleasure in it…forget about performing it nicely. Your objectives and accomplishments need to be loved and adored by you. This comes with passion. If you don’t have it for this sport. Forget it. The process must be enjoyable. Take pride in what you might be performing. Don’t forget, something worth getting is generally not simple. Hold your thoughts focused and take pleasure in the journey. Every client I’ve had that competed, tells me they are addicted and love the sport. These are the same people that show significant results.

The 10 minute High Protein Gluten Free Pizza

10 min pizzaAbout Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel bread contains wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt. Unlike traditional wheat or white bread that is made from kernels of grain ground into flour, Ezekiel bread uses these grains after they have sprouted — or started the germination process. Because it combines legumes and grains in its dough, Ezekiel bread contains more amino acids than traditional breads. More amino acids means the sprouted bread has more protein, especially valuable to vegetarians. Ezekiel bread is a whole-grain product and counts toward the minimum three 1 oz. servings the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends you consume every day.

Ezekiel-TortiallaGluten-Free Products

Food for Life makes gluten-free breads, English muffins and tortillas. These are sold with a label that clearly states they are gluten-free. If you must eat gluten-free but would like to consume sprouted grains, the company also makes a yeast-, wheat- and gluten-free corn tortilla that includes sprouted corn as the main ingredient.

How to make the Ezekiel High Protein Pizza

1 Tortilla
4 oz chicken breast cooked and sliced thin
1 red bell pepper chopped
some mushrooms
3 oz of 1 % Allegro cheese grated
Pizza-Pasta Sauce, Organic, Amber Glass Jar from Eden Foods

Put the sauce on the tortila, then the chicken and the rest of the toppings.
Put in the oven for 10 minutes on 425 F
Take it out and let it cool for 10 minutes and enjoy