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Getting out of the Post Competition Slump

Getting out the Post Competition slump, my view and suggestions.  For you stage competitors, bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini… Watch this to ideas to get out of the post competition slump.  Many competitors are affected by this. Watch the video


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Build Massive Biceps

Wanna really build jacked biceps ?   Do barbell curls. Period.  Lots of them. Build Massive Biceps


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Is Muscle Building Over 40 Possible?

muscle-40-banner041Is Muscle Building Over 40 Possible?

Gaining muscle mass becomes more difficult with age since one’s metabolism naturally slows down. Hormonal levels are also reduced, which makes building muscle mass or finding the energy to workout harder than it used to be. If you are over 40 and want to build muscle mass,

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The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

25_40The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

The question is often asked as to whether a person can ever have the body they had when they were younger, but they wonder how they will put muscle on their body at their age. While it can be done,

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Learning Proper Fitness Tips From Professionals

Ottawa Personal TrainerLearning Proper Fitness Tips From Professionals

Getting fit is no easy task. Staying fit is even harder. Luckily, there are a lot of tips available on the internet aimed to help people improve their life and become more physically fit. Becoming more physically active is the key component of proper fitness.

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Broom Stick Infraspinatus Stretch

Broomstick-Infraspinatus-StretchShoulder Internal Rotation Inflexibility

Increased risk of shoulder injury during activities involving internal rotation of the shoulder. When the shoulder is flexed and internally rotated, pressure can be created between the insertion of the supraspinatus and acromion or coracoacromial ligament. Incidentally, pain in this position can be indicative of impingement or rotator cuff tendinitis (Hutton &

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