Is Muscle Building Over 40 Possible?

muscle-40-banner041Is Muscle Building Over 40 Possible?

Gaining muscle mass becomes more difficult with age since one’s metabolism naturally slows down. Hormonal levels are also reduced, which makes building muscle mass or finding the energy to workout harder than it used to be. If you are over 40 and want to build muscle mass, there are different methods you should try.

Muscle building over 40 is possible as long as you are ready to commit to an efficient exercise program and make some changes to your lifestyle. Give yourself enough time to get used to these changes, for instance by putting together a fitness program that will allow you to gradually adopt a healthier lifestyle and make working out an increasingly important activity for you.  Most people that start something quit after 3 weeks. Don’t let this be YOU.  Of course, it’s gonna be work, so don’t be afraid of it.

One of the biggest challenges of muscle building over 40 is a slow metabolism. The human metabolism naturally slows down with age, which means the foods we eat are turned into fat and stored rather than burned. Speeding up one’s metabolism is possible thanks to a lot of daily activity and a well balanced diet. You can boost your metabolism by eating a breakfast rich in proteins rather than carbs and by being as active as possible throughout the day.

Learn to workout efficiently. You will build more muscle mass if you focus on strength training and take the time to stretch and get your circulation going before a workout.. Short but intense workouts will yield amazing results. You should also focus on doing as many reps as possible. Limit your workout sessions to a small number of exercises so you have time to work on doing more reps. It’s easier on the joints and tendons and it will be very beneficial to your cardiovascular system.  Keep track of how many reps you can do for each exercise and try increasing this number regularly. Try working out as often as possible but do not work on the same muscles two days in a row. Target different muscle groups so your body has time to heal and build muscle mass.

Adopting the right diet should be an essential aspect of your fitness program. You will build more muscle mass if you eat a diet rich in proteins. Look for lean sources of proteins, such as fish, poultry and lean red meat.  You can also get proteins from nuts or beans. To build muscle over 40 try eating most of your daily carb intake after a workout so it replenishes just enough lost glycogen and aids in recovery.  Eat plenty of vegetables to provide your body with nutrients it needs. You will get better results if you spread your protein intake throughout the day, for instance by eating five small meals rich in proteins rather than three large meals.  The absorption is much better and it will help keep your sugar levels stable.

Another very important factor to look at is your hormones.  I suggest you speak with your doctor and have a testosterone panel 1 and 2 lab work done.  With your results, identify with your doctor what you are lacking and consider testosterone replacement therapy. There are doctors that specialize in this, so please do your research before speaking to your doctor as they normally are not proficient with a testosterone replacement therapy protocol. Everyone is different and unique.

Muscle building over 40 is possible but you will have to develop a fitness program adapted to your needs. Get some help from a personal trainer if you need to.

The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

25_40The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

The question is often asked as to whether a person can ever have the body they had when they were younger, but they wonder how they will put muscle on their body at their age. While it can be done, a little different approach for muscle building after 40.

One basic principle that people need to realize is that putting on muscle mass at younger ages is really more difficult that it is later on. One big reason for that is that at younger ages, a boy’s metabolism is too fast for a lot of serious addition of muscle. The metabolism at the younger ages is as fast as it is ever going to be, and most boys are too busy in sports, other activities, or chasing girls, unless you sit in front of a computer and game all day, then your metabolism basically shuts down.

As a person gets older, the metabolism slows down, and the weigh goes on, due to a different lifestyle which is more sedentary and has more stress. It is easier to put mass on our bodies when we get a little older. Almost everyone that you went to high school with is bigger when you attend your 30th reunion.

Putting on mass gets easier as you age, you just have to make the decision as to whether you want it to be fat, or lean muscle. And still, while the desire is there for a leaner, healthier body, the body builder look may not be attainable simply due to the discipline that is required, so we tend to go toward the diet approach, rather than work out, so we have an epidemic of “skinny fat men” who appear in their 30’s and 40’s. So, here is when the art of muscle building after 40 pays off.

We men have it in our brains that we are supposed to be in great shape, as we have been told that all throughout the centuries we were warriors, protecting home and hearth with our battling abilities and great strength, but the most strength we can muster, barely gets us up off the couch for the next beer.

One of the best ways to offset this lethargic reality and to practice the art of building muscle after 40 is that many of us find ourselves is to take up resistance training, which will help to burn fat and make us stronger.

As you start on the path of working out, eat a few more carbohydrates and protein before and after your workout. This helps to make your gains in mass lean gains. Don’t skimp too much on what you eat either. Just eat normal portions and you will be ok.

Another reason you need to continue to eat properly is that diet will affect your hormones. You hear about men needing more testosterone, and much of that is because wives put their men of “vegetarian diets.”.

Think moderation. If you like a beer now and then, so be it, but don’t overdo. No question that beer puts more fat weight on, so take it easy there.

Weekends are for family time, it is true, but it is also the best time for a man to train and work out. If you lift the first thing on Saturday and Sunday morning, you will be in good shape. Have your training week start on Saturday, rather than on Monday. Your lifting sessions don’t need to be longer than 45 minutes.

Set two other times during the week that are set in granite, as far as the time, and keep those times religiously.

Don’t pamper yourself. Lift like you did when you were 25. If you need to wear gloves in the gym, make sure your purse matches. (google image that) Lift weights that are a little heavier than you think you should lift. Do all the lifts for the arms, legs, abdomen, and especially the back. Soon, muscle building after 40 makes sense. Don’t know where to start, contact me for a physique building consultation.

As you can tell from my pictures,  me at 25 years old looks great and me at 39 years old looks better.  (sorry for bad grammar) My big secret is having a focus geared toward longevity in the sport and art of bodybuilding.  This is a lifestyle for me.  It’s never been a one time thing, just to try, but I get that, if someone wants to try it.  Most that do, try it, end up lost.  You need a coach, trust me.. I had one for my first few shows… actually had a couple of coaches and mentors.  They all knew their shit and walk the talk.  Over the years, I’ve gotten to know my body and still greatly value the opinion and coaching of other coaches…. reputable ones.. I don’t care what degree they have,  I look for experienced coaches that have been with a wide variety of competitors and work on a mind, soul and physique level.

I’ve been training now for 25 years and have been competitive on and off for 20 years. I coached hundreds of people, competitive and non-competitive and influenced thousands.  This is isn’t my full time job. This is my lifestyle.  I LOVE IT and I welcome you to join in and see how rewarding it can be for your future.


Your Truly, Coach Rob

Learning Proper Fitness Tips From Professionals

Ottawa Personal TrainerLearning Proper Fitness Tips From Professionals

Getting fit is no easy task. Staying fit is even harder. Luckily, there are a lot of tips available on the internet aimed to help people improve their life and become more physically fit. Becoming more physically active is the key component of proper fitness. Following physical activity, there is a need for proper dieting as well. Adding exercise to your life can make a big difference. You don’t need to adjust to a huge, daily exercise regimen. Instead, you could try making several small changes in your daily life.

Remain consistent.

Whatever changes or adjustments you do make in your life, it is important that you remain consistent over time. You aren’t going to lose weight and become physically fit over night; even if you have a great idea or awesome new workout routine. To become the best you that you can be, you have to make sacrifices and stick with them. This can be harder for some people than others, but no doubt, it isn’t going to be easy. Not only does this apply to your physical activity, but also to your diet and eating habits as well. Cutting down on sodas and sugary foods can be extremely tough. The key is perseverance and determination.

Push harder.

While consistency is important, you are still encouraged to push yourself harder whenever possible. If you have been running the same track for months now, try adding an extra lap or an additional day to your routine. There are plenty of small improvements that you can make over time and then continue to push further. For example, in regards to dieting, reducing the number of sugary drinks that you consume each week is great. Maybe you can get the number down to only two or three per week. After you find that this is working, try reducing the number to 1 or maybe 1 per month. If small changes help, then big changes should only help more.

Outline an exercise routine and meal plan then follow it closely.

Use the internet or the advice of other professionals to design an effective workout routine. Work on building various muscle groups and avoid muscle confusion. There are plenty of certified personal trainers available who are willing to help you along these lines. Listen carefully to the advice that they offer and stick to the routine. Or let them create a custom routine for you!  An exercise routine and nutrition plan work the best together to increase your results. The best personal trainers are also certified in nutrition and have on-going learning to increase their knowledge on nutrition and its role in helping you with your goals.

Keep your chin up.

A lot of people give up on fitness because they don’t see immediate results. However, working out and getting healthy takes plenty of time. When things seem too tough or don’t seem to make an impact, you should keep your chin up and push forward. A positive attitude not only helps you continue pushing further, but it also helps reduce stress. Less stress makes life easier and assists with weight loss.

Becoming fit isn’t an impossible dream. You have to try hard and stick with your plan, but over time, you will reach your goals if you are determined. These tips should help out along the way.

Broom Stick Infraspinatus Stretch

Broomstick-Infraspinatus-StretchShoulder Internal Rotation Inflexibility

Increased risk of shoulder injury during activities involving internal rotation of the shoulder. When the shoulder is flexed and internally rotated, pressure can be created between the insertion of the supraspinatus and acromion or coracoacromial ligament. Incidentally, pain in this position can be indicative of impingement or rotator cuff tendinitis (Hutton & Julin 1997). Tight internal rotators can contribute to protracted shoulders.

What this means is that your barbell bench press will suck, you will hurt during bottom to middle range of motion. Your strength will be down and you need to be super careful, going heavy on any barbell pressing work as you cause injury.

Instructions for the Broom Stick Infraspinatus Stretch

A Lot of people get this exercise wrong, this is the right way of doing it.


Grasp pole at one end and position overhead with other end of pole behind opposite arm. Grasp other end of pole with hand positioned below elbow. Position elbow at height of shoulder.


Pull upper end of pole forward so shoulder is internally rotated. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite arm.