Broom Stick Infraspinatus Stretch

Broomstick-Infraspinatus-StretchShoulder Internal Rotation Inflexibility

Increased risk of shoulder injury during activities involving internal rotation of the shoulder. When the shoulder is flexed and internally rotated, pressure can be created between the insertion of the supraspinatus and acromion or coracoacromial ligament. Incidentally, pain in this position can be indicative of impingement or rotator cuff tendinitis (Hutton & Julin 1997). Tight internal rotators can contribute to protracted shoulders.

What this means is that your barbell bench press will suck, you will hurt during bottom to middle range of motion. Your strength will be down and you need to be super careful, going heavy on any barbell pressing work as you cause injury.

Instructions for the Broom Stick Infraspinatus Stretch

A Lot of people get this exercise wrong, this is the right way of doing it.


Grasp pole at one end and position overhead with other end of pole behind opposite arm. Grasp other end of pole with hand positioned below elbow. Position elbow at height of shoulder.


Pull upper end of pole forward so shoulder is internally rotated. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite arm.