Yasmine – Bikini Champion

I would recommend Rob to anyone ready and committed to improving themselves, mentally and physically! When I first started working with Rob, I had tried for years to reach a good place with my body. I did so many fitness fads and went in circles trying to find the best diet and lifestyle and it always seemed that my goals were just out of reach. I just wanted to look and feel my best – long term. And getting to compete on stage would just be part of this journey! I was drawn to Rob’s coaching because of his focus on whole foods, and perhaps most importantly, mindset. Rob taught me many principles that I will take away for the rest of my life. After working with Rob for several months through multiple phases, I have made a physical and mental transformation that I couldn’t have believed just months ago. One big breakthrough I experienced through the process was realizing that I was always capable of improving my physique but I had to change my mindset first; We all have the tools to succeed – sometimes what is required is the right support. For me, that was Rob. My husband even now works with Rob and has made some awesome lifestyle, weight and health improvements!

Yas - Bikini Champion

9 months apart 23 lbs weight loss 147 to 124 lb

Shelley Cross – Bikini Champion

For years I tried on my own to build muscle and lose fat. I dreamed of competing in bodybuilding but did not know where to start. After asking for referrals about Coaches I found Rob Lagana and knew as I interviewed him, he was perfect. I was in need to drop fat( as I was trying to bulk on my own). I needed to build more muscle and needed a food plan that was geared to me as I’m a fussy eater. I needed a Coach who could transform my body. I wanted a Coach who would give me nutrition and workout plans, understand menopause, and hormones.

From the first week I was never alone. I always knew the plan, knew what to eat, when to eat, weights, cardio and supplements. I had 💯 support, Rob was always available to explain things or answer questions. Easy explanations, videos, articles and always positive words of encouragement.

I was discouraged in the early months as the changes were slow but with weekly pics and trusting Robs plan the weight started to drop and the muscles began to pop. I saw my body transform, I realized how important proper nutrition was ( and adapted weight training) was. This was a game changer to achieving my goals. I have thanked God for putting Rob in my path. His vast education, experience, dedication and compassion makes him elite and an asset in his field.  Look no further if you are wanting a professional experienced Coach who can help you achieve your goals weather it’s weight loss, building muscle or dreaming of Competing. Rob Lagana is your dream Coach.

Shelley Cross - Bikini Champion

Jessica El-Ghazal – Bikini Champion

Jessica El-Ghazal – Bikini Champion

I’ve worked with Rob a few times in the past, where my goal was to lose some unwanted weight and just tone up my body. This time, I had a new goal: To compete in my first bikini competition. Because Rob had always delivered great services throughout the past and has SO much knowledge to how the body reacts to different food and workouts, I knew that I wanted him as my coach. January 2019 I started my 24 week prep, with weekly check-ins and feedbacks.

Each week we would focus on things to work on, he would tweak my meals and workouts when needed and would always give me words of encouragement. What I appreciated the most out of working with Rob was his way of making sure that I enjoyed this whole process. He would answer my questions very quickly through emails and made this challenging prep worthwhile. Each week was more and more challenging with the workouts and meals but overall the experience was very enjoyable with all of Rob’s knowledge on how the mind and body works.
For my first competition I can definitely say that I’m proud of myself and of how I placed. I really do think that enjoying the process is what made it all worth it and made me love this sport even more. So thankful for Rob’s help, I’m already planning to compete again!

Jessica El-Ghazal - Bikini Champion

Corrina Yvonne Bikini Athlete


Corrina Payne – Bikini Champion

I began working online with Coach Rob in June 2015 with the goal of competing in my first Bikini Competition. The amount of effort and heart he put into supporting me toward my stage debut exceeded my expectations. He did not allow the long-distance between us (8 hours) to be an obstacle; he was always available to answer my questions or concerns. I had a great prep experience thanks to Coach Rob’s straight forward, optimistic and professional approach. In light of my positive experience, I felt motivated to compete in a second show 4 weeks later. In this short time, my body responded flawlessly to the strategies he implemented. We succeeded in bringing an increasingly conditioned
package to stage.

Coach Rob was motivating, reliable and offered on-going, consistent support to ensure my competition experiences ran smoothly. To make certain I was completely prepared, he scheduled weekly face-time check-ins, provided posing suggestions and critiques, and offered structured guidelines for peak week and show day.

He holds an astonishing amount of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of bodybuilding. For each phase of our training, he took into consideration my specific strengths and weaknesses to devise individualized plans that produced incredible changes to my physique. He made adjustments to my meal plans and training as needed to ensure constant progress, and promptly responded to each and every one of my

I always felt Coach Rob was 100% invested in my success, and that he genuinely cared about my health and wellbeing. I truthfully cannot say enough good things about his dedication and dependability; he is an exceptional Coach who worked diligently at helping me attain my fitness goals.

Corrina Payne - Bikini Champion

Connie Fong Bikini Athlete.jpgConnie Fong – Bikini Athlete Champion

I remember being super excited to attend my first bodybuilding competition on July 4th, 2015. At this time, I was already planning on competing in a show later on, but I didn’t have a coach at that time.

After seeing the transformations of Rob’s clients and witnessing how great they performed in the competition, I decided to reach out to Rob. Within the next day, he had contacted me back and we decided to work together to prep for my first body building show as a bikini competitor.

Throughout my 14 week prep, Rob taught me that this journey isn’t just a prep to get skinny and step on stage and show off your figure. He taught me that the journey is all about building a better you. I was able to loose weight, build confidence, and I’ve been able to learn what works and doesn’t work for my body regarding training and foods. Most importantly, working with Rob has allowed me to meet so many supportive and inspirational people who have the same goals.

Connie Fong BikiniIt’s amazing how much knowledge and experience Rob has in order to have helped me reach my goals. After having competed in my first bodybuilding competition as a bikini competitor while being coached through Rob, has left me itching to do another competition with again, and I can’t wait!

Being in prep is definitely a challenging process, however, having the right coach who understands how the body and mind works, really does make a prep easier, especially if it is your first. Couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and better experience!

Connie Fong

Kim Mar OPA BikiniKim Mar – Bikini Athlete Champion

I started working with Rob in August 2014. I had previously competed in 2 fitness shows with another coach who lived in a different city and I had been thinking about switching to a local coach. My husband had been using Rob as a coach for about a year and was getting great results so I decided to meet with him. My first impression of Rob was that he is gentle giant with a “no pressure” attitude. At our first consultation we discussed my goals and what it would take to get there. I left the meeting with him saying “Give it some thought and let me know if you want to work together.” He did not make me feel like I had to sign up with him. He truly wants what’s best for people and for them to find the best fit.

When Rob and I started working together my goal was to compete at the Provincial show in the Figure category. Halfway through the off-season training I changed my mind and decided to compete in the Bikini category instead. This was new for me and brought a whole new level of challenges. Rob didn’t skip a beat and he pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do. In July 2015 I was so honored to win Overall Bikini Masters.

Rob’s workouts are extremely interesting and every time I’m hit with a new one I get so excited to try it out. Rob is also a tough coach. Don’t expect him to ease up on the workouts because you find them tough. Instead he will encourage you, motivate you and get you to push to your fullest.

During my prep season both Rob and Tatiana were prepping for Provincial and National level shows themselves. In fact, the day I competed Rob was starting his own peak week for Nationals. I never once felt neglected. Even when I told Rob I was fine and told him it was ok to focus on his own prep, he still made me a priority. During my depletion weeks and peak week I would receive motivational texts to keep up the good work and keep pushing forward.

The more I talk to Rob, the more I am floored at how much this guy knows. He’s been bodybuilding for a very long time and I feel privileged to get such amazing information from him. He is someone in this industry I deeply respect.

Kim Mar

Carol Monette Bikini Champion cc20150606_154446

Carol Monette – Bikini Champion

In 2014, at 48, I decided to do my first bikini competition. I ended up doing two that year and qualified for Ontario provincials in both open and natural streams. I had been training with a previous coach who lives in Toronto, and was looking for a more hands-on approach as I felt I was starting to plateau. I met Rob Lagana through a mutual training buddy, and quickly realized after our first consult, that he was the right coach for me. He has an amazing amount of knowledge. Ask questions, and he has the answers.

His meal plans are custom made for you and he listens to what you say. If you can’t live without a certain food, or if can’t stomach something, he will build it into your plan. His workout plans are crazy and you need to be up for the challenge! Rob builds champions, and his plans reflect that. You train and eat like a champion, think like a champion, and end up a champion.

I just recently competed in the Toronto Provincials and finished 1st in my age category. So proud to have competed alongside Rob and Tatiana. Watching their success has inspired me too.   No one has motivated me to bring my best, more than Rob has.

Rob will tell it as it is and not sugar coat anything. All you need to do is follow his plan. 100% committed with bring you 100% results. I am planning to compete in the August provincial naturals, and so looking forward to what improvements Rob and I can make together to bring an even stronger package to the stage.

Whether your goal is weight loss, getting in better shape, or hitting the stage, you’re in good hands with Rob. Just do it!

Carol Monette

Alicia-Bikini-Posing-Front Alicia-Bikini-Posing-BackAlicia Hamilton – Bikini Champion

I went to watch 4 of my friends compete in Men’s physique at the 2013 Ottawa Championship, it was the first show I had seen and I thought the whole experience was incredible! I decided right then and there to set the goal of competing in a show within the next year.

I starting looking online and I came across Rob, I liked all the reviews and success stories I read and the years of experience he had. We met in July 2013 for a consultation so I could tell him about myself and the goals I had set.

Rob was so knowledgeable asking insightful questions about my current habits so he could create a meal and training plan tailored to my needs! I’ve now been training with Rob for 10 months and the changes I’ve seen are incredible. I can’t thank Rob enough for being at my side during the 2 competitions I’ve done so far! I took home 1st place bikini short at the 2015 OPA Coburg Naturals! Thank you Coach Rob, you rock!!

Alicia Hamilton - Bikini Champion

Brittany MoranBrittany Moran – Bikini Overall Champion 2014 OPA Ottawa Classic

I had thought about doing a bikini competition for over a year. Finally I decided to stop fantasizing about the idea and started to research coaches in the Ottawa area. I was intrigued by Rob’s experience with competing himself for 20 years. Rob was very quick and professional with his replies which was perfect since I was eager to start! I met with Rob for my consultation and set out a game plan and began my prep a couple days later. Having Rob as a coach pushed myself and kept me right on track. The structure of having a meal and diet plan is crucial for obtaining results. You push yourself MORE and know EXACTLY what your putting in your body. Sending progress pictures to Rob held me accountable. Coach Rob always replied in a timely manner. Since it was my first time competing and everything is new, I got the “pre-contest freak out” often. At three weeks out I wanted to give up, asking myself “why am I doing this?” I visit Rob and the first thing he said was “you are not giving up!” – I hadn’t even told him about my thoughts. We tweaked my plan a bit and my results skyrocketed. Luckily, I listened to Coach Rob and gave 110% until the end. I took home first place in my class and overall, which I could not have done without Coach Rob. However, competing was about more then just placing top 5 etc. Completing a competition gave me a new and better perspective. It was an amazing experience learning and the best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you Coach Rob!!!

Brittany Moran - 2014 Ottawa Classic Bikini Overall Champion. Before and After 5 months later.
Brittany Moran – 2014 Ottawa Classic Bikini Overall Champion. Before and After 5 months later.

Brittany Moran - Bikini Overall Champion

rosy_before_afterRob, I would NEVER, be where I am, right now, if it weren’t for YOU. Already, in just a short period of time, you have made me see, that there is a way to change, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, you have also given back to me the “hope”, which was once lost.

body transformation

This has been a really tough starting journey, but with you next to me, (not always physically), but knowing, that you are always there in the background, cheering me on, and that you genuinely care.. have faith in me, (that I can do it, where others may have not), makes it a little easier and keeps me smiling. Thank you for reading my emails, for caring, and responding to me so quickly when in need :-).. for all the phone calls, and checkups. The programs you customized for me, worked extremely well. I will let the photos speak the rest.  I have created my own inspirational weight loss success story called Breakin’ Free by Rosy Ghannai available at Amazon to motivate and inspire other women.

Rosy Ghannai is a mother of 4 beautiful children in Ottawa.  If she can do it, so can you !

Rosy Ghannai - Mother of 4

MartaWMarta Wajda Figure Athlete
While living in Ottawa last year, I decided to seek out the coaching of a trustworthy individual that had the knowledge, experience and industry credibility that I was looking for.

Like many out there, I was at a point where I became frustrated with my inconsistent and failed attempts to “lose weight” – not knowing I was only damaging myself each and every time.
With Rob’s coaching, I discovered that I was capable of achieving my goals through proper nutrition, training and mental awareness. I learned a lot about myself and realized that hard work really does take commitment, patience and consistent effort – in all aspects of one’s overall health.
Now, a year later and living in the city of Toronto, I continue to challenge myself with Rob’s guidance online. After competing in my first Figure Competition earlier this year, I noticed that I have gained confidence, control and that happy little spark that will keep me pushing to be stronger and better than the person I was yesterday.

Marta Wajda Figure Athlete

Jessica Sterns Bikini AthleteJessica Stearns Bikini Athlete

Jessica competed for her first time at the OPA Ottawa Championships in November of 2013.  She placed 2nd in her bikini class to the overall winner.  Jessica hired me in July 2013 to put on a bit more muscle, and tighten up overall.  In a short amount of time of 4 months, we were able to achieve that and she brought a great overall package to the stage.

Jessica Stearns Bikini Athlete

Elsa Longpre Figure AthleteElsa Longpre Figure Athlete

Elsa Longpré, 23 years old. I’m from Gatineau

I work as a wildland firefighter 6 months a year and study the other 6 months

I started weight training 2 years ago after my first fire season because I wanted to get stronger and totally fell in love with the feeling so I kept reading and studying about training and nutrition. During the past summer I decided that I wanted to get and see more results and have some new challenges. That’s why I hired Coach Rob Lagana

I think you are a great trainer because of your knowledge, your own experience as a successful bodybuilder/living a healthy life style, staying down to earth/spiritual and actually seems like you care about my results. I feel like the programs and nutrition plans I get are really customized for me. My energy and strength is way better, I manage my stress better and I’m seeing more results. 🙂

I placed 2nd at the 2013 GNC London Championships, my first competition and more to come!

Elsa Longpre Figure Athlete

Jody_before_AfterJody McCombe, 40 years old, from Ottawa.  Jody hired me as a coach in June of 2012. At that time, she planned to get in shape for competition in 2013.  I developed customized plans for Jody each month and helped guide her towards her goals.

Jody has many roles in life. One of which is a wife to a husband who spends more time in the sky on business travel than on the ground.

Along with these activities, she makes time to put her health and fitness goals as a priority.

As her coach, I have watched her over the past year,  improve with both nutrition and physique. I am very proud of her accomplishments and being even more self-aware.

Since I’ve competed for many years myself, I knew first hand exactly what Jody should expect along this journey. Being there for her throughout her training to coach, guide, advise, listen, and even calm her down when needed, with the help of Tatiana too 🙂

Jody never missed a training session and  is always on time, well organized, and is not scared to go heavy. She knows that I put the caring of her as a successful client first, before my own needs.  One challenge for Jody is being able to stay consistent with nutrition and training and travelling. With my guidance, Jody is much more confident and knowledgeable in sticking to it, while sometimes traveling 3-5 times a year to different destinations around the world.

Her biggest challenge is booking 6 am sessions, getting up before her kids so she has her oldest 17 at home with the youngest 4 and no need for a babysitter or daycare. As well, 6 AM session, allows for better time management and she doesn’t  get derailed by demands of her business or family during the day! No excuses!

Jody has been able to maintain her off season weight for the past few months to around 10 lbs off her contest weight.  This shows truly remarkable concentration and that this change is indeed a long term lifestyle change.

Jody McCombe Figure Athlete