Finding a Bikini Competition Coach in Ottawa

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Finding A Bikini Competition Coach In Ottawa

Are you interested in entering competitions where you will have to wear a bikini? If so, it is essential that you are in the optimum shape and look your very best. This will ensure that you fare much better than other entrants. Instead of trying to handle this on your own, hiring a coach should be a top priority. Here is all you need to know before heading out there and looking for assistance.

Why Help Is Needed

It might seem like a good idea to try preparing for the competition on your own, particularly since it can save you money, but this is not something that you should move forward with. There is a lot that goes into readying oneself for this type of event, including eating a balanced diet, working out regularly, making sure your tan is impeccable and having flawless hair and makeup. I want to emphasize, if you eat the wrong way to get ready for a bikini competition it can have life long negative implications.

As you can probably tell, this is a ton of responsibility and it is not likely you will be able to excel in each arena. This is why hiring a professional bikini competition coach would be your best course of action.

Who Am I

I’m Coach Rob Lagana, and I help women 35+ lose anywhere from 30lbs + without starvation or hours of cardio in order to prep for their first time bikini contest.

While it is always a good feeling to have your clients do well when they are in competition, this is not the only factor that motivates us. My main focus is making sure that you are in the best mental and physical health once competition day arrives. If I feel that this is not something you should pursue, I will be frank with you. You are my top priority; not the bottom line.

My aim is to help you get in shape the healthy way, which means that crash dieting, extreme workouts and cutting corners is out of the question. The goal is to have you in prime condition for the event and have that continue afterward. Yo-yo dieting that consists of unrealistic expectations and dangerous supplements are not the way to go about it. I will show you a safer, healthier way. Finding A Bikini Competition Coach In Ottawa is easy. All you have to do is fill out this form above to get started and it’s free.

What To Expect

Coaching bikini competitions is a serious undertaking and I am more than ready for the challenge. You may be wondering exactly what services you can expect. Here are all of the things I offer assistance with:

  • Custom tailored meal and fitness plans. Everyone is different and it is important that this is reflected in the plans we create for each client.
  • Consistent monitoring to make sure that you are staying on track throughout the coaching process.
  • Assessing your form, intensity and other bio-feedback and provide my professional expert advice and/or comments to help you further.
  • Helping you with posing and showing off your physique by offering the audience the best angles.
  • Providing you with all the information required to sign up for a bikini competition.
  • Offering you support every step of the way, including helping you create a plan so you will not go back to your pre-competition shape.

Finding The Right Bikini Competition Coach

This is actually the most complicated part of the process. The person you select will have a direct bearing on how well you do during the competition. For this reason, it is crucial that you are careful in your selection process. You don’t want to be hasty and choose someone for the wrong reasons; be careful and weigh all information carefully.

Your goal should be to find a coach who has experience, dedication and a track history of working with competitors who have taken home awards. Settling for less than this would be a huge mistake. Our company offers all of these things and then some, which is why we cannot stress enough how much we could assist and how honored we would be to work with you.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is important because all people do not mesh well together. There is no point in moving forward if I find it will be difficult to work with you and/or you would not benefit greatly from the services that I provide. And not to worry, in case you are an amateur in this arena, I will familiarize you with how the process works and what we feel needs to be done in order for you to ready to compete.

We will discuss the lifestyle you currently have and the adjustments that will need to be made in order to move forward. Lastly, we will decide the amount of coaching you need in order to be prepared for the big day.

The Packages

All of my packages are customized to fit the client’s individual needs, but there are some services that are universal. Everyone can expect the following:

  • On going assessments from your feedback responses
  • Customized fitness programs
  • Personalized diet plans
  • A preparation schedule that you should strictly adhere to
  • Help with posing and showing off the complementary parts of your body
  • Top level professional and expert bikini coaching

There is more involved, but this is what every client should expect at the bare minimum. Essentially, we are there to help you prepare from beginning to end and beyond.

The only way to decide what to do next would be for you to schedule a time to meet with me for a consultation. We will discuss what your goals are and how we can help you reach them. As long as you are dedicated to being competition ready, I am just as invested, meaning I will work with you as a team and offer you no less than 100%.

Lagana Fitness is a premier coaching service in Ottawa and we have helped many win medals and other awards. If you want to be our next success story, you will have to take the next step. Fill out your assessment form today.