Tips On Hardbody Training For Women

Women Engaging in Hardbody Training

Hardbody training for women has increasingly been adopted by women who desire to have a rock-hard body. Whichever training program they adopt, such women go through a series of tough exercises including weightlifting. What’s interesting, women may witness the results of hardbody training faster than men. This is because they tend to have a higher tolerance to pain during training and are therefore able to sustain a higher work volume. Such training includes heavy weight lifting, bodybuilding workouts, and high volume work on targeted muscles. Building a hard body also requires that you strike a balance between upper body exercises and lower body exercises to avoid an imbalance.

Below are a few tips for women who desire to get into shape through hardbody training:

5 Tips For Getting A Hard Body

Train With Heavy Weights

A desirable rock-hard body can only be achieved by lifting some serious weights in the gym. Contrary to the belief that lifting weights for women would make them put on huge muscles, women who train by lifting weights are sure of getting toned and hard bodies faster than those who don’t. The hormonal makeup of women would not allow them to build muscles as big as those of men, unless they use anabolic steroids.

Lifting heavy weights is good for women as it challenges their bodies and burns more calories than many other exercises. Heavy weight lifting done in the 8-12 rep range helps women to put on muscle. With more muscle, their metabolism increases and there is a higher rate of food and fat burning. Additionally, weight lifting brings the ‘after burn’ effect, which helps the body to burn calories long after one has left the gym.

Engage In Squats, Presses And Deadlifts

Building a hardbody isn’t all about machines that target the different parts of the body. A hard body is best built by squatting, doing presses and deadlifts. Compound movements such as squats, rows, bench presses, overhead presses and deadlifts also help build and maintain muscles. Isolated moves that target certain parts of the body should be considered as secondary to the above movements.

Eat More Protein

Eating right lays a strong foundation for successful hardbody training for women. This may seem obvious, especially to those familiar with the fitness world, but it makes the difference in a hardbody training program. Amino acids are the major compounds in proteins, and are essential in the building of muscles. The process of maintain, building, and recovery of muscles therefore requires high protein intake.

During hardbody training, the body burns plenty of proteins for muscle contraction. The body should therefore be fueled all day by eating proteins at regularly throughout the day in conjunction with low GI/GL carbs and healthy fats. This ensures that muscles are well supplied with what they need during workout. Women engaging in hardbody training can benefit from protein sources such as egg whites, turkey, chicken, lean red meat, Greek yogurt, different types of beans and quinoa.

Take In Less Carbs

For women, eating more carbs could easily derail your fitness program. There is a relationship between estrogen levels and glucose levels in the body. When the levels of estrogen escalate, the hormones associated with the burning of fats are less released. This results in lower insulin sensitivity, which makes serotonin levels to fall, therefore increasing sugar cravings.

It has been proven that women utilize fats more than carbohydrates for energy production, which may not be the case for men. These differences are caused by hormonal differences between men and women. High levels of estrogen in women who engage in hardbody training result in higher fat utilization during exercises. This means that women can store carbohydrates effectively as they utilize fats when exercising. Therefore, low carb diets for women who engage in hardbody training is recommended for effective burning of fat.

Aerobic Routines

Aerobic routines may also be beneficial to women engaging in hardbody training. You must plan for the right type, length of time, and intensity for the equipment you choose to perform your routine on. Stairmaster, Treadmills and elliptical trainers are staple machines for aerobic workouts since they help accelerate the heart rate for a longer period. Since hardbody training focuses on burning of body fat, aerobic routines are also recommended for women. Variables, such as HIIT or steady state are used depending on the individual’s conditioning and goals.

Hardbody training is a sure way for women to build a lean and a rock-hard body. Part of hardbody training for women is eating the right diet, which includes high protein intake and low carb intake. Adopting aerobic routines and engaging in the ‘tough’ exercises such as heavy weight lifting and compound exercises such as squats are some of the best ways for women to build hard bodies.