Top 5 Goals A Personal Trainer from Ottawa Can Help You Achieve

Top 5 Goals A Personal Trainer from Ottawa Can Help You Achieve

People are creatures of a habit, which is why sometimes we follow the same routine time and time again, without getting the results we want. But many people are also lazy and not willing to do the work unless someone is keeping them responsible, much like working for a boss. Because if we would not finish our work and make the deadlines, our boss would fire us. The same goes for a personal trainer. If you are looking to lose weight, get in shape and regain your health, as personal trainer from Ottawa can help you achieve just that. Or maybe you already lost most of the weight and are working out already, but are simply unable to lose these last stubborn pounds.

Of course, a personal trainer is not only able to help you lose weight, but also train for a marathon or a bodybuilding contest. Either way, if you feel that you are trying and trying but do not seem to get there, consider to call in the help of a trainer with the right expertise. In this article we will discuss the top 5 goals a personal trainer can help you achieve.

#1 Losing weight

As obesity is on the rise and more and more people are overweight, it comes as no surprise that many of us are trying to lose these unwanted pounds. But still, many of us are trying, yet not succeeding. A personal trainer from Ottawa can change this. Statistics show that people are much more successful achieving their goal if they have someone that is keeping them accountable. Of course, you can ask your partner, friends and family for support, but they lack the expertise and experience – and most often time – to accomplish this and help you reach your goals. With a personal trainer you will have several advantages. First of all, these trainers have tons of experience with people in the exact same situation. This means that they know exactly what it takes to motivate you. However, the experience they have also helps them to put together the right workout schedule for you to suit your needs. Because our bodies adapt to everything quickly, it is important to change our workout frequently. A personal trainer constantly thinks of new routines to get you into the best shape of your life. Besides that, you will also find a lot of support, both mental as well as emotional, with your own personal trainer.

#2 Getting ready for a marathon

You decided to take charge of your health and want to run your first marathon. Or perhaps you are already a seasoned runner, but want to spice of your game and get ahead of the competition. Either way, if you really want to improve your skills, your physique and your condition, a personal trainer can help you achieve just that. A trainer knows all the methods to get you in shape quickly and improve your endurance. He can also teach you how to prepare in the best possible way for a marathon, so you can leave the rest behind and win the race.

#3 A bodybuilding contest

Are you a bodybuilder and are you trying to get ready for a bodybuilding contest? If this is the first time for you, you could use all the help you can get. The competition in this area is fierce and if you do not know how to prepare yourself, you will lose. Personal trainers are very experienced in building muscle fast, yet in a healthy manner. The trainer can also help you achieve the lowest possible body fat percentage, so you will look even more lean during the contest and leave your competitors behind.

#4 Preparing for a match

If you are a professional wrestler or do any kind of other sports, you know how important it is to have great power and great endurance. Sometimes it is also important to lose some water weight, to get into a weight class. Most bodybuilders use diuretics and other harmful substances to achieve this. However, in the long run this can do some serious damage to your body and even be detrimental for your results. Personal trainers can help you lose the water weight fast in a natural way, without causing any negative side effects. Once you made your weight class, it is time to bulk up again fast. With a personal trainer from Ottawa by your side, you will know exactly how to do this in a safe way.

# Getting back into shape

Maybe you are already at your goal weight, but you feel tired and fatigued all the time. If you also have kids, you probably know what a challenge this can be. In these situations, you need all the energy you can get. A personal trainer is not only a good way to lose some weight, but also to regain your health. By looking at your food habits and your workout routine, as personal trainer can quickly determine what areas you can improve and how to do that. He will support you in your efforts and his expertise will help you to get healthy and fit again. Just imagine that you have enough energy to get through the day, without an afternoon slump, and after you come back from work, you are still able to play with your kids instead of falling asleep on the couch. To many, this is a dream come true.

There are still many other goals a personal trainer could help you achieve, but these are beyond the scope of this article. If you are serious about your goals and know that you cannot achieve them on your own, then consider calling on the help of a personal trainer from Ottawa. As with everything, do make sure that you choose the right trainer, with the right expertise and plenty of experience, so that you can be sure that you are getting the right help.

Understanding How TRT Testosterone Works

testostease-levelsUnderstanding How TRT Testosterone Works

In the world today, you often find that there are men who are trying to learn a lot more about their bodies and the various health issues that they can develop. For a lot of males, it is a matter of trying to maintain a much higher level of testosterone much like they did when they were a much younger age. With higher testosterone levels, a man is able to enjoy much higher energy levels and quite a difference in their daily fitness routines as well as sexual performance. Because of the demand for this boost, there are many men who are now looking into TRT testosterone to help them out, otherwise known as testosterone replacement therapy.

One of the methods used by many guys looking to gain that edge with TRT testosterone is injections. By injecting a dose of synthetic testosterone on a schedule, the male patients are able to get close to their desired results. There can be some situations where this type of a treatment may even be used from a medical standpoint to try and get a patients low levels of testosterone boosted to where they need to be.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

When you are looking into TRT testosterone treatments, it is only right that you look at the natural alternatives that are available so that you can compare therapies. These natural supplements are made to enter the body in hopes that they will be able to give the body a kick start that will allow it to produce testosterone naturally. While this is a treatment plan that will work for some patients, it is important that you listen to your body in order to see any results. Just as with any sort of a supplement, it is key to cycle your dosage schedule as the body often has a way of realizing that supplements are being taken. For some, this can mean having a list of supplements and never taking any one of them for more than a week at a time to keep the body guessing.

The problem with a lot of the natural supplements is that men who are looking for a boost in testosterone often want a quick fix. If you are not happy about having to cycle on and off of various testosterone supplements, the chances are very good that you are going to be in search of injections through TRT testosterone methods. If so, it is equally as important that you read up on the dosage and any sort of side effects that you should be looking for to make sure that you are able to remain healthy at all times.

Here is a great video about visiting a HRT / TRT clinic.

Shopping Around For TRT Testosterone

You should know that you could find that the level of testosterone in each injection can vary from company to company. If you used one testosterone for your first injection and then purchased a different one from another company, you may find that your results will be quite different. Not only that, but you can also notice fluctuations in your testosterone levels from blood work, when all factors are equal except the product brand.

Many times, it is a good idea to talk with your physician and have a blood test done to find out where your testosterone levels currently are. Have them check your free testosterone levels. Having this information will help you moving forward as you shop around for the best deals on the testosterone injections that are best suited to your individual needs.

While shopping around, without a prescription is illegal to do so in North America, in Mexico it’s legal.  However, it is a good idea to keep in mind that these testosterone level tests can be fairly expensive and having them done can add a lot to your overall cost when shopping for TRT testosterone.

Whether you are simply looking for a way to improve your love life or you have begun to notice that your workouts are just not the same as they used to be, you could be a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. It is all a matter of doing your research to make sure that you are well informed and know what you are getting into. Along with that, finding a great company with a reputable laboratory can make a big difference in your results as well as your overall health and well being as you work on bringing your testosterone levels back up.

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets

kim-kardashianhair4Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets

While she got pregnant Kim Kardashian put on 50 pounds. She was able to shed off a total of 43 out of those 50 pounds. How did she do this? Well the Kim Kardashian weight loss secret is that she paid attention to her body. Even though she is a celebrity with millions of dollars she was still motivated to lose weight. Her body was very appealing before and she got it back to that form in a short amount of time. With great focus and determination Kim Kardashian was able to transform her body back into shape so that it looks its best. You too can draw inspiration from Kim if you recently had a child and put on extra weight, or just need to lose weight once and for all.

Going through a pregnancy is a tiring process. So much energy is used during the process. You want to try your best to make sure that you keep that in mind. Yet the most positive thing you can do to regain your energy is to lose weight. Exercising is a big part of this process. A person that does not exercise cannot hope to lose any type of weight in a short amount of time. Kim Kardashian weight loss happened as a result of constant exercise.

She followed a daily routine of breastfeeding at her designated times. The reason why she and other women that get pregnant gain weight during a pregnancy is because the extra fat helps compensate to help the baby have a nourishing environment to grow from. Women can take not from Kim Kardashian and what she did after she gave birth. She dieted and exercised regularly. These were important factors that helped contribute to her weight loss.

It is true that celebrities have easier access to healthy foods. But you can still manage to lose weight without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, healthier foods are less expensive than you’d think. You can save a lot of money if you start eating healthier. Instead of eating out all of the time you can eat meals that you prepare in advance. This means you will be able to save money and lose weight at the same time. Even if pregnancy is a tough thing to go through just like Kim you can manage to lose weight after. The best part is that you can compensate for the cost of bringing a child into this world by cutting back on eating out.

Kim Kardashian weight loss secrets are not hard to follow. The first thing you need to do is make sure you can remain committed. As long as you can remain committed to following a diet and exercising regularly results will follow.  If you need an online personal trainer and coach and a plan, please contact me for weight loss, fat loss, bikini contest prep, figure contest prep or physique contest prep. The body you want will not form overnight. Even if you do not see a change in the shape of your body after the first couple of weeks do not become discouraged. In time you can have a healthy looking body, just like Kim Kardashian.

The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

25_40The Art Of Muscle Building After 40

The question is often asked as to whether a person can ever have the body they had when they were younger, but they wonder how they will put muscle on their body at their age. While it can be done, a little different approach for muscle building after 40.

One basic principle that people need to realize is that putting on muscle mass at younger ages is really more difficult that it is later on. One big reason for that is that at younger ages, a boy’s metabolism is too fast for a lot of serious addition of muscle. The metabolism at the younger ages is as fast as it is ever going to be, and most boys are too busy in sports, other activities, or chasing girls, unless you sit in front of a computer and game all day, then your metabolism basically shuts down.

As a person gets older, the metabolism slows down, and the weigh goes on, due to a different lifestyle which is more sedentary and has more stress. It is easier to put mass on our bodies when we get a little older. Almost everyone that you went to high school with is bigger when you attend your 30th reunion.

Putting on mass gets easier as you age, you just have to make the decision as to whether you want it to be fat, or lean muscle. And still, while the desire is there for a leaner, healthier body, the body builder look may not be attainable simply due to the discipline that is required, so we tend to go toward the diet approach, rather than work out, so we have an epidemic of “skinny fat men” who appear in their 30’s and 40’s. So, here is when the art of muscle building after 40 pays off.

We men have it in our brains that we are supposed to be in great shape, as we have been told that all throughout the centuries we were warriors, protecting home and hearth with our battling abilities and great strength, but the most strength we can muster, barely gets us up off the couch for the next beer.

One of the best ways to offset this lethargic reality and to practice the art of building muscle after 40 is that many of us find ourselves is to take up resistance training, which will help to burn fat and make us stronger.

As you start on the path of working out, eat a few more carbohydrates and protein before and after your workout. This helps to make your gains in mass lean gains. Don’t skimp too much on what you eat either. Just eat normal portions and you will be ok.

Another reason you need to continue to eat properly is that diet will affect your hormones. You hear about men needing more testosterone, and much of that is because wives put their men of “vegetarian diets.”.

Think moderation. If you like a beer now and then, so be it, but don’t overdo. No question that beer puts more fat weight on, so take it easy there.

Weekends are for family time, it is true, but it is also the best time for a man to train and work out. If you lift the first thing on Saturday and Sunday morning, you will be in good shape. Have your training week start on Saturday, rather than on Monday. Your lifting sessions don’t need to be longer than 45 minutes.

Set two other times during the week that are set in granite, as far as the time, and keep those times religiously.

Don’t pamper yourself. Lift like you did when you were 25. If you need to wear gloves in the gym, make sure your purse matches. (google image that) Lift weights that are a little heavier than you think you should lift. Do all the lifts for the arms, legs, abdomen, and especially the back. Soon, muscle building after 40 makes sense. Don’t know where to start, contact me for a physique building consultation.

As you can tell from my pictures,  me at 25 years old looks great and me at 39 years old looks better.  (sorry for bad grammar) My big secret is having a focus geared toward longevity in the sport and art of bodybuilding.  This is a lifestyle for me.  It’s never been a one time thing, just to try, but I get that, if someone wants to try it.  Most that do, try it, end up lost.  You need a coach, trust me.. I had one for my first few shows… actually had a couple of coaches and mentors.  They all knew their shit and walk the talk.  Over the years, I’ve gotten to know my body and still greatly value the opinion and coaching of other coaches…. reputable ones.. I don’t care what degree they have,  I look for experienced coaches that have been with a wide variety of competitors and work on a mind, soul and physique level.

I’ve been training now for 25 years and have been competitive on and off for 20 years. I coached hundreds of people, competitive and non-competitive and influenced thousands.  This is isn’t my full time job. This is my lifestyle.  I LOVE IT and I welcome you to join in and see how rewarding it can be for your future.


Your Truly, Coach Rob

Why You Need An Online Contest Bikini Coach

maxresdefaultWhy You Need An Online Contest Bikini Coach

Winning or even placing well in a popular online bikini contest could jumpstart your career as a fitness model. Of course, you will win large awards just for winning or placing in the contest. However, these awards are mostly intended to give you more exposure that should lead to more opportunities in the fitness, modeling, or even entertainment industries.

How can these prizes benefit you? For example, prizes for winning the Rock Star Bikini Contest include will help you get a tremendous amount of exposure. The grand prices is worth $16,000. It includes lunch with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a professional photo shoot, and a photo in the Rock Star Bikini calendar.

A prize like this could just be the tip of iceberg. It should lead to plenty of other modeling or even acting opportunities. But you know that you will be competing against hundreds of other beautiful and fit women who are also eager to get more exposure. That is why you need a good online contest bikini coach to win.

Advantages Of An Online Contest Bikini Coach

I’m sure that you are already a fit and beautiful woman if you have aspirations to win a bikini photo contest. However, when you are competing against hundreds of other super-competitive women, you need to have an edge. The most perfect body in the room could be ruined by the wrong choice of bikini, pose, lighting, color, and even hairdo.

Judges will be scoring each photo on dozens of different details. They will also be looking at the photos subjectively to see which one appeals to them the most. You need an online contest bikini coach who knows what it takes to win.

I would like to be your coach, and I have to credentials to give you that extra “X” factor that can help you stand out in the crowd. Even the most fit women in the world have their own strengths, and the photo needs to emphasize those strengths.

For example, women with different natural skin shades and hair colors look better in different colored bikinis. Since you look at yourself all the time, it is not that easy for you to be objective. But I know what “pops” and what falls flat when a judge only has time to give dozens of photos a quick glance.

Other things that have to be considered are hair cuts, poses, makeup shades, and even the way that you smile. I can judge your photos the way a judge would look at them, and I know what it takes to win.

Contact Me When You Want To Win An Online Bikini Contest

If you really want to win a professional online bikini contest, don’t do an amateur job. Your toughest competitors will have a coach, and you need to have one to if you hope to make it to the coveted winner’s circle. The rewards of winning are huge compared to the small investment you can make in a coach.

The Basics About Natural Open Bodybuilding Competitions

Natural Open PhysiqueThe Basics About Natural Open Bodybuilding Competitions

The Natural Open Bodybuilding Competitions began as a series of small competitions in a gym in Southern California. Today, they are part of a worldwide network of competitions that take place around the globe. The reason for the increased popularity of such events as the Natural Open Bodybuilding Competitions is that athletes began to realize that using steroids and other drugs to gain strength and muscle was counterintuitive to good health, the spirit of athletic participation, and sportsmanship. The success that this effort has enjoyed is a direct result of the commitment of athletes and staff to create a natural bodybuilding community.

The roots of this movement come from the Mt. Olympus Spa, where promoter Denny Kakos began to advertise natural competitions in 1977. Karl Marshall was the first Overall Champion, and he still competes in natural meets today. The competitions began in his gym before growing to the point where the city auditorium was needed to host them.

As the movement grew, Kakos began promoting his competitions under the NPC, including the very first natural NPC contest, the California Natural Bodybuilding Championships, and 135 athletes came the first year, all committed to training without the use of drugs. It succeeded beyond the vision of Kakos or the other organizers, and the chairman of the NPC gave Kakos a plaque for bringing innovation to the field of bodybuilding.

Because of the popularity of these natural contests and his own experiences as a promoter, Kakos wanted to expand to an national qualifying event for natural athletes, but the NPC was not quite ready to make that step.

This motivate Kakos to join with Pete Samra and Wally Boyko to form the Amateur Bodybuilding Association (ABA). The purpose was to create a group that would serve athletes who wanted to stay natural by providing major competitions with quality prizes that were run in the first-class way, so that everyone would have a fun, positive experience.

One of the main tenets of the ABA was that there would be no discrimination of any kind, and so the ABA founders came up with the very first handicapped divisions for participants, standing and seated. If the ABA lacked a class for someone’s needs, it would develop one. To promote those artistic elements of bodybuilding competitions, the ABA suggested that athletes augment their performance with costumers, props and other items. The ABA promotes the advancement of fitness competitions and bodybuilding contests as both performing art as well as sport. To keep competitions accessible to as many as possible, the ABA also keeps fees for contest registration, membership and sanction for events low.

If you are interested in natural open bodybuilding competitions on a more competitive level, the ABA has joined with the INBA and the PNBA, putting together more than 125 shows in the past year. With shows taking place in more than 35 countries, the dream that motivated Denny Kakos in the first place remains alive and well. Check out the growth and spread of the NPC today!