Q&A How do you maintain discipline with diet?

Diet is simply a selection of healthy or unhealthy foods. once you’ve
made the decision to eat healthy, then momentum and discipline will
keep you strong for the road ahead.

My discipline comes from an intensity of thought. To build this
intensity of thought. You have to first create something called a
Hook. This hook creates a conditional reflex. When you activate your
hook, you intensify a behavior. You can read up on the Nobel prize
winner named Ivan Pavlov that really gets into detail about this. I
first learned about this in a Russian manual for bodybuilding, that I
ordered from a bodybuilding magazine, about 17 years ago. So, I
started created my own hooks. Every time I opened the fridge, I
would picture myself in the shape that I wanted to be in and if I ate
unhealthy food, I would immediately do 200 situps. Eventually, every
time I would open the fridge and see unhealthy food, my abs would
start to ache.

Get into a routine and focus and the next thing you must do to
accomplish your task. I always have a vision. Stay very focused. You
need to believe in yourself and have no self-doubt that you will
accomplish your goals.