Q&A What type of exercise training program do you recommend?

I recommend a training program, that includes both a custom diet and
customer exercise workout. The diet is specific to your body type
which can be classified by your skeletal frame, lean muscle and age
and sometimes even specific to your geno-type, which can be
classified by your blood group. No exercise training program is ever
complete without healthy nutrition that is well rounded and custom
for you. The exercise program would target your weak areas first,
which help you build a stronger foundation and would include cardio,
flexibility, balance, core and resistance training with weights.
The exercise program, would take you through phases of training.
These phases of training are specifically designed to follow
biomechancial, physiological and functional principles of the kinetic
chain. They provide systematic progression that minimizes injury and
maximizes results. There are many different variables used when
creating a training program and they are specific to the client’s
weakness, strengths and goals. Once the body starts adapting in a
productive way, after a planned time period, these variables change.