Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Diabetics

DiabetesHealthy Weight Loss Tips For Diabetics

Losing weight is tough for just about anyone. Diabetics in particular face their own special challenges when attempting to lose weight. However, when weight loss is approached in a diabetic friendly and healthy way, it can not only help diabetics shed pounds but also help with maintaining glucose levels as well as improving overall health. Here are a few weight loss tips for diabetics to point you in the right direction.

Anyone starting a weight loss program should first consult with his or her doctor. However, this is especially true for diabetics. A doctor familiar with the health issues diabetics face will be able to offer good advice in terms of any physical limitations and special dietary needs.

Diabetics need to exercise on a regular basis just like anyone else trying to lose weight. Set a goal of at least thirty minutes per day if possible. Make sure you have consulted with your doctor first before starting any exercise program. If you are obese or in poor health, start with walking and light weight and gradually work your way up to more strenuous exercise. Exercise is crucial as your muscles will intake more sugar in the form of glycogen. This means better blood sugar balance. You have to train your body, as it’s not an over night process.

Commit yourself to maintaining a healthy diet. Diabetics, need to watch their carbs, as they turn into sugar. As anyone with diabetes knows, it is critical to watch your sugar levels, and eating lots of unhealthy carbs will not only hamper your weight loss but is also potentially dangerous for diabetics.

Be sure to check with your doctor about any special dietary needs for diabetics. Incorporate as much lean protein, fresh low GI fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods into your meals. Another key to weight loss is to keep plenty of healthy snacks around to munch on if you get hungry between meals. Healthy snacks can be almond milk, eggs, nuts, seeds, apples, grapes or healthy shakes.

Drink lots of water and avoid sugary drinks and diet soda. Water will help keep you hydrated and flush out unhealthy toxins. It also helps to regulate your metabolism, and best of all water doesn’t contain any fat, sugar or calories. Try adding a slice of lime or lemon along with plenty of ice to give your glasses of water more flavor.

As you start to lose weight, be sure to check your glucose levels on a regular basis. As your weight continues to go down, your glucose levels may fluctuate. Be sure to check in with your doctor and ask what level your glucose should be at for your current weight. This will be an ongoing process that you will need to maintain as long as you have diabetes.

Although diabetics do face some special challenges when it come to weight loss, it is also true that they can benefit greatly from shedding some pounds, exercising on a regular basis and eating a diabetic friendly and healthy diet. There is a very good chance you will be able to maintain your glucose levels better, have greater stamina, enjoy much better overall health and also help get your diabetes under control if you undergo a healthy weight loss program.

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