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Personalized Fitness Training & Nutritional Coaching for Lifestyle Well-being and Contest Prep

A brand new physique and healthy lifestyle awaits you at Lagana Fitness, where body transformation is the catalyst to improved confidence, self-esteem, enduring resilience and vigorous health. Brought to you by Coach Rob Lagana, one of Canada’s most accomplished holistic bodybuilders with over two decades of experience. Lagana Fitness is an online fitness coaching program designed for rapid and natural results backed by science and proven in practice. Here, our partnership is founded on the common goal of elevating your quality of life while reaping all the amazing benefits of weight loss, muscle building and cardiovascular health. Don’t think about it — just take the leap forward and never look back!

Personalized Online Fitness Training

Body Transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach — at least not if it’s going to work. Our bodies and metabolisms are unique systems that must be nourished with resistance training regimens and nutritional plans to achieve the results that we seek. As a professional online holistic bodybuilding coach, Rob Lagana understands that the first step to incremental progress is moving forward in the right direction. And if you’ve ever been frustrated with workouts and diets that didn’t work no matter how hard you tried, consider Lagana Fitness as an oasis in the middle of a fitness desert. Here, your results-driven program is specifically-tailored to your body physiology, metabolism, strength and tolerance levels regardless of your shape, age or lifestyle. In other words, you can achieve any fitness goal at any stage in your life — and there is nothing to stop you.

Personalized Meal Plans

Nutritional awareness goes hand-in-hand with weight loss, body transformation and muscle building. Through nutritional coaching with Lagana Fitness, you’ll learn how to compliment your workout with healthy foods and the nutrients your body craves to achieve great shape and excellent health. When people hear the world ‘diet’, they might automatically think of things like starvation and bad-tasting food. But in fact, a personalized meal plan can be none of those things. The Lagana Fitness program will help educate you in nutritional science, behavior change strategies and nutrition coaching, With Rob’s help, you can learn which foods are accelerating and improving your health and physique. From there, it’s a matter of having nutritional balance in your life and learning a few tricks to turn those healthy ingredients into a mouthwatering dish. Bon appétit!

About Rob Lagana, Holistic Bodybuilding Coach

Rob Lagana is a seasoned bodybuilder, elite nutritionist, stress reduction therapist and currently one of the most established online fitness & nutrition coaches in the country. He holds various certifications in sports medicine, nutritional coaching and muscle building as well as alternative stress therapies such as Usui Reiki. Rob’s focus on holistic wellness for the purpose of elevating happiness and confidence at any stage in life makes for an excellent relationship when overcoming fitness obstacles and achieving positive results in both physical and mental health. My specialty is helping women ages 35 + lose 30 lbs. + without starvation or tons of cardio so they can sustain their look and bring a total package to the competitive stage.

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Real-Time Fitness Support

Get in touch with Rob to learn more about how this program can change your life or book a session now and don’t waste another moment. Lagana Fitness is designed around real-time fitness support that adapts to your improving performance, shape and lifestyle from day-to-day and week-to-week for measurable results you can see and feel. Once you join this program, you’ll find that fitness is an essential way of life that makes anything possible — starting with your dreams.