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Welcome to Your New Beginning at Lagana Fitness Systems

Are you a woman aged 35 to 50 who has a gym membership or a well-equipped home gym, and is focused on transforming your body by losing up to 10% body fat and 45 lbs in 6 months? If you’re looking for expert guidance to navigate diet challenges, exercise confusion, or fluctuating motivation, and you don’t have any major injuries, you’re in the right place.” At Lagana Fitness, we’re dedicated to turning your struggles into strengths. Led by Coach Rob Lagana, a seasoned bodybuilder, creator of the Holistic Muscle Podcast, and author of Unleash Your Full Potential, we bring over 20 years of expertise in empowering women like you to achieve their ideal physique and optimal health.

Customized Nutritional Plans that Fit Your Lifestyle

Forget fad diets. Our personalized meal plans are designed to fuel your body and fit seamlessly into your life. Rob’s extensive background in nutrition science transforms eating into a joyful and effective part of your journey..

Tailored Exercise Regimens for Your Unique Body

Each body is unique, and so should be each transformation plan. Our program respects your physiology, metabolism, and strength, focusing on effective techniques to sculpt and strengthen your body, without resorting to excessive cardio or starvation methods.

Sustained Motivation and Mindset Transformation

Embark on a journey that transcends physical transformation. With Rob’s expertise in sports medicine, nutrition, and muscle building, gain real-time support to enhance your confidence and well-being. We’re here to cultivate a mindset that embraces consistency and holistic wellness.

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At Lagana Fitness Systems, we don’t just offer workout plans; we provide a pathway to enhance your life. Ready to start reshaping your physique, nourishing your body, and realizing your dreams? Click below to Book Your Free Call with Coach Rob and become part of a community that celebrates strength, health, and empowerment

Discover Why Our Clients Love Us: Real Stories, Real Success!

The amount of effort and heart he put into supporting me toward my stage debut exceeded my expectations. He did not allow the long-distance between us (8 hours) to be an obstacle; he was always available to answer my questions or concerns. I had a great prep experience thanks to Coach Rob’s straight forward, optimistic and professional approach.” – Corina P

I have thanked God for putting Rob in my path. His vast education, experience, dedication and compassion makes him elite and an asset in his field.  Look no further if you are wanting a professional experienced Coach who can help you achieve your goals weather it’s weight loss, building muscle or dreaming of Competing. Rob Lagana is your dream Coach.” – Shelley C

One big breakthrough I experienced through the process was realizing that I was always capable of improving my physique but I had to change my mindset first; We all have the tools to succeed – sometimes what is required is the right support. For me, that was Rob. My husband even now works with Rob and has made some awesome lifestyle, weight and health improvements!” – Yasmine R

When Rob and I started working together my goal was to compete at the Provincial show in the Figure category. Halfway through the off-season training I changed my mind and decided to compete in the Bikini category instead. This was new for me and brought a whole new level of challenges. Rob didn’t skip a beat and he pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do. I was so honored to win Overall Bikini Masters.” – Kim M

After 8 months of prep, we finally did the damn thing. Nothing about this was easy. Was it fun, oh 100% and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However there was definitely self-doubt throughout the process, moments where I felt like giving up but I am incredibly proud that I didn’t. Stepping on stage for the first time will be something I will remember forever. Thank you @roblagana for pushing me to be better every single day. Almost a year ago, we started working together to make my dreams become a reality and that’s what we did!” – Leah G