5 Simple Steps for Better Bodybuilding Figure Physique and Body Transformations

5 Simple Steps for Better Bodybuilding Figure Physique and Body Transformations

the-mind5 Simple Steps for Better Bodybuilding Figure Physique and Body Transformations

The first step is to believe that you can do it and set your
goals. It starts with your mind.

Write down why you really want to change and want you want to truly
accomplish for yourself. Use short term goals, weekly to monthly and
long-term goals. Go ahead and be surreal, you deserve to surpass your

Visualize how you want to look and feel for at least 1 minute, several
times throughout the day. Associate physical activity with your mental
image. Don’t worry about what you look like now. Instead reach beyond
your current mental state and enhance yourself.

You can put mini visual reminders in key spots around your home, work
and car. A couple of years before I first competed in bodybuilding, my
wall at home was completely covered in inspiring photos. It was like
a shrine. I also had motivational phrases posted on the wall.

An example would be; “Vision without action is a daydream. Action
without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb

The second step is to see your doctor.

Your doctor can keep track of your general health and check for any
concerns. Doctors play a vital role in your overall health assessment
and can also give you their opinion on ways to change your lifestyle
to lead a healthier life. ¬†Are your good hormones in the right upper ranges? Do you have any thyroid or other concerns? It’s best to check it out .. What about food sensitivities? There’s way to get it checked.. both inexpensive and expensive.

The third step is to get a fitness assessment.

Have a qualified health and fitness professional perform an evaluation
which is commonly called a fitness assessment to look at your
strengths and weaknesses and create a plan. The more detailed the
assessment, the better the trainer gets to customize the plan for

In today’s population, there is an increase in work related stress and
postural imbalances. All which affect your breathing pattern. It is
important to take the time to inhale deeply and exhale slowly 10 times
in a row and repeat throughout the day. Even problems with your core
has a direct effect on your breathing and on your all the muscles
involved in your breathing.

The trainer can see if you have muscle imbalances. If you sit all day
or do something that is repetitive throughout the day, chances are
that you have muscle imbalances. These imbalances affect your kinetic
chain. You want to correct kinetic problems before they get worse.

As an example, repetitive injury is very common in the workplace. A
good fitness program is used to correct muscle imbalances and improve
flexibility that will rehabilitate the problem.

The fourth step is to put healthy food in your body.

Imagine your body as highly priced automobile, like a Bugatti Veyron
(my favourite). You put low grade fuel, you get low grade performance
which can result in breakdown.

Food for fuel directly affects your body’s metabolism. Most people
that have been on low grade foods, don’t notice the continued negative
effects such as lethargy, brain fog, stress, high blood pressure, high
sugar, high fat cravings and less than optimum hormone production.
They don’t know what’s it like to have that high end metabolism.
Little by little it becomes worse, until you have an habituated

Start eating whole natural foods, which are unprocessed, and contain
macro and micro nutrients that your body needs to run on and repair

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. Be creative.

Evaluate what’s in your fridge and cupboards. Most people know which
foods are good and which are bad. Take the bad foods and remove them
from your home. If you need extra help, consult with a dietitian.

The fifth step is to incorporate your support network.

Call, e-mail, share with friends, family, peers. Create a blog,
discuss your lifestyle change and what your going through with your
friends and family. This allows people to become actively involved in
supporting you.

Change some activities you do with your friends.

Remember that in all you do, you should praise yourself. Reward
yourself for your small step accomplishments. This doesn’t mean
breaking the principles, this means using them to make you even
happier about your choices. As an example, you lose 15 pounds, give
yourself a cut and style at your favourite salon or you did not miss a
workout for 2 weeks straight, give yourself time to enjoy a relaxing
bath with colour and aromatherapy.

“The beauty of tomorrow is that you have today to create it.” –Timon
(Efthymios) Roussis