What is safe weight loss

A morbidly obese person, such as
someone starting their first day on the t.v show Biggest Loser, can
easily lose up to 10 pounds a week for the first several weeks with
some of those hidden and non-hidden tactics. This normally goes
against healthy balanced weight loss which is recommended by the
majority of doctors and weight loss experts. However, morbidly obese
people are not normal. The same rules do not apply.

A simple explanation as to why morbidly obese people easily lose up
to 10 pounds or more per week when starting a physique transformation
project is that their cells are extremely saturated with fluids.
These fluids contain the composites of proteins, carbs, fats,
cellular fluids, vitamins and minerals which all contain water. The
more saturated your cells are the more the weight is deducted when
you start to excrete these cellular composites through exercise when
following a diet. People that constantly feed on high glycemic
foods. Carbs are not the only foods that can have a high GI / GL
effect. Fats and Proteins can also have a high GI / GL effect. This
all depends on how processed the foods are and how much fiber is
contained within the foods as well as how your body individually
responds to these foods, based on your hormone profile. Most Europeans
can eat pasta all day and not get fat, whereas some North Americans
eat a bit of pasta and get fat.

Weight loss is different from Fat Loss. Once the cells have reach a
normal saturation point, more of the fat burning process starts to
occur and there is more of a noticeable change in body composition.
The extra fat that is lost during a physique transformation, after
the initial “fluid loss” comes from the fatty cells which store
Fat is a compound composed of glycerol — a substance formed in
fatty acids — and fatty acids which is required as a concentrated
energy source for our muscles. If your muscles don’t need the energy,
alas it gets stored as glycogen first in the muscles and organs, then
it gets stored as fat. Fat is found in the organs, around the organs
and under the skin. It gets extremely dangerous to your health when
excessive fat becomes stored in and around the organs. It can cause
dysfunction in the organs which leads to many problems.

Once the initial saturation of the cells diminish to normal levels,
the amount of weight loss per week is reduced. This is unique to each
individual, but generally applies to the obese. To a normal
individual a 1-3 lbs weight loss / fat loss is normal and healthy.
Someone such as a competitive bodybuilder can easily manipulate
weight loss, through depletion and saturation techniques. It’s not
uncommon for a bodybuilder to gain 10 pounds in a day or two from
binging on lots of food ( 5000 plus calories ). and then going back
to their diet and losing it in a week. It just goes to show you,
that when energy is not used, it gets stored, plain and simple. Fat
is removed from the body because it gets used up. This can occur with
precision through restricted calories, eating clean, hormone
manipulation and exercise.

A moderate balanced diet and physical activity may not be the fastest
ways to lose weight, but they will keep you trimmer and healthier in
the long run.

A good eating plan does more than just help you lose weight. It’s the
foundation of a healthy lifestyle that will keep you fit, healthy and
feeling great for life. Choosing whole foods is a great way to create
a balanced diet

Remember, carrying around excess weight and being obese or morbidly
obese does damage. Some effects are:

  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Hormonal Imbalance

Again, a moderate balanced diet and physical activity may not be the
fastest ways to lose weight, but they will keep you trimmer and
healthier in the long run

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