3 Principles To Fitness

3 Principles To Fitness

3 tips3 Principles To Fitness

If you were to search online articles pertaining to fitness, or look for magazines on fitness, the number of ideas, opinions, commercials, and advertisements is almost innumerable. No matter what workout routine you are doing, and no matter what diet you undertake, there are 3 principles that will always be looking over your shoulder. But just what are these principles, and why are they so important? Let’s take a look at the answer to that question, and be sure to bring a towel because you just might break a sweat.

To begin, fitness has always been divided into two segments. Your workout regiment, because regular activity is essential, and your diet. You are what you eat is a saying that gets thrown around a lot, but in essence it is true. So when looking at these two aspects of fitness we will apply the 3 principles of good fitness: Variety, Balance, and Fun.

A life without variety is no life at all. Those words, while poetic in themselves, pose a very true statement in the life of your fitness journey. Take for example your physical exercise. If you were to do only one type of exercise all the time, your body can easily get physical fatigue relative to the parts or type of exercise you are working out. Not to mention problems related to disproportional physical appearance. To ensure a healthy figure, make sure whichever type of exercise program you choose, that it works out many parts of the body as this helps in an overall sense of fitness.

Variety in food is essential as well. There are quite a lot of nutrients and minerals our bodies require, and not just one type of food has them all. So we need to try a variety of foods to keep our inner health on top.

The second principle is in regards to balance. In your exercise routine, while you may think a continual physical exertion will benefit you, you have to keep in mind that your body will need its rest. In fact rest can do a lot in ensuring your body gets its’ needed recuperation time. Studies even show that the rest period can be almost as important as the workout itself.

Balance is needed in the food aspect of fitness also because both sides of the spectrum can be devastating. Eating not enough food can leave your body flush, lacking sufficient nutrients it needs for growth and development. While overeating can lead to sicknesses in regards to overloading, and excess weight.

The last principle is fun. No one wants to do something they hate or loathe. So make sure when it comes to the type of exercise you choose, that it is engaging. One type of exercise might excite one person, while a completely different type is interesting to another. If you enjoy what you do then technically it won’t be working, it will be fun. So in regards to fitness if you keep to these 3 principles, you can truly benefit.