Enjoy Your Life More By Including Fitness In Your Daily Routine

Enjoy Your Life More By Including Fitness In Your Daily Routine

EnjoyEnjoy Your Life More By Including Fitness In Your Daily Routine

People are spending an enormous amount of money each year, to the tune of twenty billion dollars, on trying to figure out a way to lose those unwanted pounds. They are buying dietary supplements by the handfuls hoping that by taking them the pounds will drop off like magic. Now, although there are many dietary supplements that are effective and good for us they will never be a substitute for a good solid fitness program.

The most effective advice I can provide to the average person wanting to lose weight is to start small and don’t complicate the process. Too often we think that we must join a gym or buy some type of exercise equipment in order to be successful. Now of course these methods are nice but many tread mills throughout the world are covered in inches of dust because someone bought them but stopped using it in a very short period of time. The problem I have with gyms is that many of the people over weight become intimidated by those muscle bound men or perfectly shaped women that go there as well. In most cases people that join a gym will stop attending it very quickly because of this very fact.

Most troops in the Marine Corps can tell you that they didn’t need any fancy equipment to stay in shape. The fact is that the simpler we can make our daily fitness routine the greater the chances of continuing it day after day are. Current studies show that people that exercise on a daily basis for approximately one hour will not only lose weight but keep that weight off year after year. Although I truly appreciate this statistic I’m not sure it took a study to prove it. It just goes without saying that staying active and participating in
some type of daily fitness program will work.

So let’s talk about ways to develop a simple fitness plan that we can do daily. Let’s start with something we can do right within our homes for those that may be in an area that has inclement weather. If you have stairs a simple, but effective program is to either step up and then step down on the first step, or go up and down the entire staircase several times. Start off small and grow your program. Don’t try to overdo it on the first day or week.

Another in house fitness routine is to simply walk or run in place. Maybe do something called a bend and thrust or even jumping jacks in place. Remember you don’t need expensive equipment like a tread mill. Yes they are nice but not necessary if you don’t have the money.

Here’s 30 minute home workout you can try without any equipment.

Perform 3 rounds of the following for 40 seconds each. Take 2 min rest between rounds. You can youtube each one for a video demo.

Bodyweight Squats
Floor Planks
Long lever Floor Crunches
Bodyweigh Skiers
Burpees (or Beginner Burpees)

Remember to warmup and stretch, before you start and cool-down and stretch after you finish.

Finally, you must eat intelligently. Learn what foods are good for you like fiber and meats that are not filled with fat. Also find out how many daily calories you should take in based on your current weight. However, again don’t complicate it. Don’t find yourself taking the fun out of your daily fitness routine or you will soon stop doing it. Be smart and be logical about the way you exercise and the way you eat. Also remember that most habits take about 7 to 21 days to develop so don’t give up to quickly. Good luck.