Top 10 Protein Foods and Options

We’ve all been there… we start a diet or what I like to call a planned nutritional program and days after you get sick of eating the same foods. The chicken or tuna makes you want to gag.

“It doesn’t matter what you cover it with,  it will still taste like chicken and tuna.”

Now, as an expert certified personal trainer, IFBB Nutritionist and champion bodybuilder, I tell all my clients that if you can make it past the first 2 weeks of the same foods, your body will go through a type of detox and your senses will adapt nicely to the same foods that your eating. Chicken will actually taste a lot better.

Most people can’t last 2 weeks on the same type of foods and will make every complaint not to eat them. I’d love to take these people to a poor part of Africa for 2 weeks and let them hunt for food on their own. I bet they would appreciate food a lot more, even if was the same types of all.

Wouldn’t that make a good reality show? Since I don’t have the money to do that right now, I’ll list 10 Protein foods you can add or substitute in a weight loss diet prepared by someone that thinks you might have been able to get past the 2 week hump.

Substitutes for Chicken

1. Turkey
2. Wild Meats (Deer, Bisson etc..)

Substitutes for Tuna

3. Talapia
4. Cod
5. Haddock
6. Orange Roughy

Substitutes for Oatmeal

7. ArrowHead Mills Rice and Shine
8. Cream of Wheat

Substitutes for Egg Whites

9. Whole Eggs
10. Whey Protein Powder

Enjoy these great tasting substitutes and steady as she goes up the road to meet your weight loss goals. Stay tuned for my vegetarian top 10 protein foods and options next !