Tips to Keep You on Track when Your On the Go

Since most people have a busy lifestyle and have meetings throughout the day and night, they want to know what they can order at restaurants. I was researching some things on the web and found the following from a government recognized institution, the website. Exerpt “When you can’t get away for food, bring the food to you! Stock your desk drawer or bookshelf with
non-perishable foods like canned fruit, milk puddings, cold cereal,
whole grain crackers, peanut butter, canned soup and juice boxes.”
Sorry, I don’t see any protein in the above foods, and they all
contain preservatives and sugar.
This is not what you want to stock your desk drawer with certainly not
what you want to order from restaurants. Later on, we’ll get into more
about what foods to keep at your work.
Here are a couple of suggestions from the following fast food places.

Chicken Salad (you can double the chicken or even add shredded beef)
with green peppers, hot peppers, green olives and a couple of sliced
dill pickle. No dressings. Bring your own. Add olive oil to the salad.
Olive oil can be kept in a small container and you should keep it in
your car or at work.
Garden Side Salad (olive oil only)
Small Chili Chicken breast wrapped in salad with tomatoes
Tim Horton’s
Vegetable Beef Barley
Chicken Salad (olive oil only)

Here are a couple of suggestions from the following Sit Down Restaurants
There are way too many restaurants to mention here, but here are some
general guidelines and examples.
Cod, Haddock, Pickerel, Tilapia, Sole, Halibut, Tiger Shrimp, Sirloin Steak
The fish must be not be order deep fried or breaded.
With your order, add vegetables on the side, NO bread.
Steak Ottawa
Market Green Salad (olive oil dressing, no sugar)
Your choice of cut steak (don’t order the steak signatures)
Veggies on the side (double up, if you need to..)
Remember, if you taste sweetness in a food, there is more than likely
sugar added to it.
Request that there is no sugar in any of the preparation of the foods
that you order and BE
VERY FIRM with your server, when you ask. Tell them your diabetic,
even if your not.

This was a short post, however there are many more to come with great
suggestions from different local restaurants. If you have any
restaurants that you would like us to mention, please send me an