Four Reasons Why Fad Diets Are Not Good For Weight Loss

CalmFour Reasons Why Fad Diets Are Not Good For Weight Loss

Though most people understand that they are not helpful for weight loss, the advertising of fad diets pulls in others seeking to shed unwanted pounds. Their slogans and promotional materials make them sound too good to be true, yet some will fall into their ploys every single time. The follow are just a few reasons why fad diets are not good for weight loss, especially for those looking for healthy, long-lasting changes to their bodies.

1. Fad diets typically feature unhealthy methods. Some of the popular diets that promise to help you lose 10+ pounds in as little as three days offer very unhealthy procedures to getting the weight off. Eating too few calories, for example, is much more likely to put your body into starvation mode rather than have a positive effect on your weight loss. Restricting your diet from a certain food, such as anything with carbs, is also not helpful if you want to be healthy.

The fad diets that require pills to work are usually not very good for you either. Most have not been tested by the FDA before being sold, so you are risking your own health by putting the substance into your body. It’s best to avoid anything that involves a pill you know nothing about.

2. Fad diets do not offer a long-term solution for weight loss. Most fad diets are promoted to those that need to lose weight for a certain event, such as a wedding or swimming suit season. These are usually not designed to allow the user to take off – and keep off – the weight. They are more geared toward helping you shed a few pounds that you are likely to put right back on after you have went off the diet.

3. Fad diets do not promote good lifestyle changes. In order to properly lose weight and get into shape, you must alter your lifestyle to a healthier one. Since most of these diets are to be used on a short-term basis, they are not designed to teach you better ways of eating or proper methods for being active – the two main components of living a healthy life.

4. Fad diets can lead to muscle loss. With the heavy restriction on calorie intake when using a fad diet, it is possible that you will notice you are losing muscle. Your body must get energy from somewhere, and if you are not replenishing the necessary calorie level each day, it will begin breaking down muscle to survive.

As you can see, there are far more unhelpful attributes to fad diets than there are valuable ones. The key to healthy weight loss is to eat the number of calories that your body needs while burning enough that the body doesn’t store any as fat. Staying away from short-term fixes and instead focusing on living a healthy lifestyle will get you much further in your weight loss journey.