How can I help you achieve Bodybuilding success?

Rob Lagana is a Wholistic Bodybuilding Coach

Ottawa Personal Trainer, Rob Lagana presents: How can one achieve Bodybuilding success?  Read up on Bikini Contest Prep here, Why you need an online Bikini contest prep coach and here, What are natural bikini competitions

There are so many things to think about, plan, and execute to achieve bodybuilding success. As noted above there are a few things any bodybuilder must utilize to become competitive and make a name for themselves as they step on stage. To get things started, let’s keep it simple. These are the basics:

Commitment, Desire, Reliability, Posing, Effective meal plans, Effective workout plans and Supplementation all have to be put into the puzzle and fused together with patience, passion and logic.

This is an area in which a good personal trainer can help: Bodybuilding is not a sprint, it’s a chosen lifestyle. To be successful, the individual must realize the amount of time and effort that needs to be put in to reach their goal of stepping on stage and qualifying for the next level up. With all of these pieces to the puzzle, you have to recognize that without all of them, there’s a less probability of becoming that person you envisioned in your head on stage. The ultimate way to achieve success in my opinion is through taking pictures or videos of your transformation process and telling people you are competing. Take pictures every 2-3 weeks and notice how much your body composition changes. Seeing the weekly changes motivates you to maintain your hard work and strive for your goal. Seeing your body fat slowly diminish, the love handles, the belly, and lower back fat starting to shed, and your upper body shredding and veins starting to pop are all signs that you are on the right track and making success to getting your body in prime form to be award winning on stage. Tell as many people as possible that you are competing. This usually project an image of you that you should keep up because you don’t want people envisioning your failure…

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What are some important characteristics that a Bodybuilder should have?



The initial point people struggle with is Commitment. They start with a dream and want to attain great results on stage, but ultimately they actually do not have what it takes to train hard and follow a strict meal plan on a consistent basis. The initial major step for the Commitment is selecting out a show. If its 10 months away, 1 year away or 2 years away choose a show that you would like to do, and STICK TO IT. Just remember if you sitting at 25% or 30% body fat, you better make sure you start at least 1 year out. It’s not as easy as you think.

Just after you pick your show now it’s now time to devote to your eating plan and workouts since that is going to be 95% of how your body shapes in the end. Every single rep counts and every piece of food you put in your body counts towards the day of the show. Prep all your meals for day and make sure you bring all of them with you. This ensures you won’t miss a meal or cheat. Write down your workouts inside a notebook, and continually take it with you for the gym to measure progress. Are you currently becoming stronger? Are you hitting a plateau? Are you seeing achievement in adding more reps for your workout routines? They are factors you have to gauge to see if you are getting real results depending on what your goals are in the gym.

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As stated above Commitment is critical. In case you can’t stroll in to the gym and desire to be a legit individual and improve on what you did yesterday you might be setting yourself up for not becoming productive but going by way of just motions (which is what you don’t want). There must be a trigger going off inside of yourself saying that this really is what I wish to do, and if you do not have the fire or passion burning inside it is possible to bet your other competition does and that they’re outworking you. Passion for me as stated is greatest seen by means of photographs or videos of my physique, as well as the muscle pumps in the gym and performance. I have usually taken photos every 2-3 weeks or possibly a video update as soon as a month to determine the body composition changes. I attempt to choose out lagging physique parts, or body-parts that usually hold a lot more fat and take measurements to see if they’re reducing through diet regime and training. If it’s not changing then I need to correct my plan. As I continue to track my progress I can notice where issues are starting to dial in, and where I can enhance to bring up my body for the stage to produce a peeled and muscular physique to impress the judges.

Reliability and Loyalty


Ever hear the phrase “Reliability is Key” When you are not consistent or reliable you are setting yourself up for failure. Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique competition is about staying consistent towards your goals. Posing and nailing your routine to ensure issues go smooth on stage. Arranging your meals and having adequate calories to diet and preserve muscle tissue, is super important. Hitting your workouts and cardio every week to attain your perfect physique. Becoming consistent and reliable with taking all of your supplements to give yourself that extra edge above your competitors. Look at how many scenarios I’m giving you and how in the event you fall off one particular of them you could be falling behind in success. There are actually so many tiny particulars in bodybuilding that can sidetrack your progress. Not spiking your foot on your side chest, side tricep, or rear lat spread could give your opponent an edge because you’re not revealing your body part properly. Regularly practicing your posing or having a coach to appear over you, will greatly improve your success. Are you willing to provide a particular chunk of your time every day/every week towards fulfilling your objective? Finding a rhythm and in no way skipping a beat, by undertaking this character you are generating good habits and permitting yourself to gradually make positive progress.

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An important part of stage presentation is displaying your physique with practiced posing. Among the valuable things on stage in bodybuilding, figure or physique is realizing ways to expose the body and show your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Many individuals don’t believe in practicing their posing in the offseason, and only paying attention as time closes in on you contest they may be setting themselves up for failure. Posing is a great tool to understand due to the fact by displaying your weaknesses within the offseason it allows yourself time to develop them to be more balanced before your show. Bringing up a physique part which will lack on stage is usually a fantastic way to know since this may make symmetry, balance, proportions which judges are seeking. Getting thick striated quads, bulging biceps, and thick striated triceps will make a full package, but when you step on stage and also you cannot show off your lats or understand how to nail a front double bicep by forgetting to flex your quads or suck within your gut, you happen to be falling behind! I very much advise you to hire a posing coach. If not attempt to locate somebody in your gym who has competed to devote time with them on having to expose the body and understanding the way to get down the basic eight mandatory poses.

Effective Meal Plans


Diet regime is 100% important in getting the physique you want. Diet and training go hand in hand. Men and women have stated your body is reflected 100% via your diet regime and what you consume. Eating the foods that suit your goals and your body’s digestion of them, is the greatest way to achieve success. You will find that some people get bloated off eating whole wheat breads, oatmeal, and pasta. If this can be the case you must go back for the drawing board and sketch the right diet program and of course your success will greatly improve if you hire a nutritionist that specializes in helping competitive bodybuilders, figure and physique athletes. Some individuals can consume as much as 350-400g of carbs though dieting and reach success. This is rare, but it goes to show you it’s possible depending on who you are. Everyone is unique, so you have to find the right macronutrient ratio that will serve your goals. Focusing on a diet program on slow burning carbs, lean proteins, and critical fatty acids could be the key to achievement is maintaining the ultimate physique!

Effective Workout Plans


In my opinion, a workout plan should be changed every month to avoid boredom and take advantage of the body’s adaptation processes. The workout plan should be customized and geared to toward your goals. A figure workout plan should focus heavily on shoulders, all three heads, back, butt and hamstrings. The rep range for a figure workout should be around 8-12 reps, involve a wide variety of exercises and plyo. A bodybuilding workout should focus on every body part and a heavy focus on what is lacking in terms of size, proportions and symmetry. The rep range of a bodybuilding workout should be around 5-12 reps and should involve a lot of compound and isolation exercises. A physique workout should focus on the same, except, no need to hit quads or hams hard, because they are covered on stage with board shorts. The rep range for a physique workout should be around 12-15 reps. An effective workout plan should change and progressively get harder or introduce new intensity factors every month. Of course, since the workout is customize, it should contain integrated exercises and flexibility to help prevent injuries. The workout plans also should include cardio plans. Cardio, just like weight training, should change up every month and timing of cardio is very important. As an example, you’ll burn more fat, on an empty stomach.



The last piece with the puzzle is supplementation. As a Bodybuilder, Figure, Physique you need to be taking the essentials – Whey Protein, to hit your protein demands, Fish-Oils, to hit your EFA’s, plus a Multi-Vitamin, to acquire those critical vitamins and minerals you cannot get by means of whole foods and a Greens supplement, to help get more anti-oxidants and help balance your body’s PH levels. As you continue to drop calories you get to eat less food. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are amazing since they are instantly absorbed by the bloodstream. Training eats up glycogen and aminos in the tissues. The tissues breakdown when working out hard. BCAA’s quickly recharge the body of what it’s losing to maintain yourself in an anabolic state at all times!. What do you need to do away with that final layer of fat in your abs? Are you holding a little additional water/fat in your hamstrings? Xeno-estrogens can cause fat storage especially in the legs. Doing an estro-cleanse will help with fat burning in these areas. Stress is also a big player in holding belly fat, so chill out and don’t sweat the small stuff or it will build up in your belly.

Overwhelmed? Get in touch with me today. Checkout my coaching specials for bodybuilding competitors.  I am an expert, mentor, and highly experienced online holistic bodybuilding coach