H2O Breaks Plateaus

I know the importance of water. Bodybuilders manipulate the levels of
water our bodies retain and use on purpose. As an expert, I understand
the effects of dehydration and the benefits of proper water
consumption. The focus of the article is to make you aware of signs of
dehydration and get you to drink more water to improve your health and

On average an individual should drink about 96 ounces or 3 quartz of
water a day. Those on a fat loss program should drink 8 ounces more
for every 25 pounds they carry above their ideal weight.

The benefits of drinking the proper amounts of water:

* Increased Metabolic Function
* Decreased Fluid Retention
* Body Temperature Regulation Improves
* Blood Volume is Maintained
* Liver and Endocrine Gland functions are improved
* Lipid (Fat) is better used for energy

A fluid Loss of even two percent of body weight will have negative
effects on circulatory functions and performance levels.

The effects of water dehydration can cause:

* Decreased work performance
* Sodium retention (water retention)
* Decreased sweat rate
* Increased core temperature
* Decreased blood pressure
* Decreased blood volume
* Decreased blood flow to the skin
* Decreased cardiac output
* Flu like symptoms
* Irregular bowel movements
* Headaches
* Loss in strength
* Plateau in diet or exercise

Water Drinking Guidelines:

* If someone is on a low-carb diet, dehydration can occur faster.
Drink 24 oz. extra.
* Don’t gulp too much water at once. This will have a diuretic effect.
Limit your water intake to no more than 12 oz. in one big gulp.
* Distilled water is not a good choice, since this flushes minerals
out of your body at a faster level and can cause more problems. Use
filtered tap water or spring water. If you live in a city like Ottawa,
Ontario, the tap water is perfectly fine.
* Consume 16 oz. of water two hours prior to exercise. An additional
8-16 oz. is needed in hot weather.
* Drink 20-40 oz. of water for every hour of exercise.
* Fluids should be cold
* The Goal is to replace sweat and urine losses

As you can see, dehydration is not good and most people base their
levels of hydration on whether they are thirsty. Thirst alone is a
poor indicator. Be aware of your water intake and your general health
and fitness will improve

Rob Lagana

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