3 Weight Loss Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head Right Away

brain3 Weight Loss Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head Right Away

Every year millions of people perform research online and offline trying to find the best ways to lose weight. There is a ton of good information out there that has helped people become healthier. Unfortunately, there is also a plethora of bad ideas that are dangerously accepted as fact. They cannot all be covered in one piece but here are three of the biggest myths that you are going to want to look out for when you begin your weight loss journey.

Weightlifting Isn’t As Helpful As Cardio

When most people think about losing weight they imagine waking up at six in the morning and running around the neighborhood for an hour. Now, it is true in most cases that cardiovascular exercise will burn more calories at a time when working out; but you really should focus on the long-term too. Did you know that for each pound of muscle that you add onto your body you burn 6 calories more per HOUR. That goes a LONG way towards burning weight and then keeping it off, which is what you should really want. Plus, muscle looks better than fat or just skin and bones. Weightlifting absolutely needs to be part of your routine.

Carbohydrates Are Bad For You

The Atkins diet (and bad information spread around by people that don’t understand it very well) is to blame for this myth being introduced and perpetuated. Here’s the thing: carbohydrates are not bad at all and actually are a crucial part of your daily nutrient intake. Carbohydrates are one of the body’s main sources of fuel and energy. Among other things, carbs also help to regulate the sugar levels within your cells, they help bacteria break down food in your stomach, and help your body absorb calcium. Of course if you are taking in too much it is going to be harmful, but cutting carbs out of your diet completely will be just as harmful. You have to find the healthy middle ground.

Healthy Food Is Expensive

This is one of the most popular myths that are out there. Some people will fight tooth and nail to make this point, even when you hold your grocery bills up against theirs and compare. How could expensive produce really end up being cheaper than the dollar menu? In reality, healthy food is actually just as inexpensive as long as you know the right kind to buy. Vegetables, for example, do not need to be bought fresh. Frozen vegetables have just as many nutrients and actually last longer than the fresh variety that you have to throw away after a few days. The same holds true for canned fruit. If you are a conscious shopper you WILL save money in the long run.

Keep these in mind when you are planning your diet and exercise regimens and you will do just fine. This is going to be a long journey; but by the time you reach your goal you will have a new lifestyle and feel so much better about yourself so stick with it!

Positive Affirmations Because Your Awesome

awesomePositive Affirmations Because Your Awesome

Positive affirmations are very useful in counteracting negative
emotions that pull you down. Positive affirmations are life’s own way
of telling you to never give up. Very simply, positive affirmations
are short positive statements, designed to replace negative beliefs,
with positive self-nurturing beliefs. Strive to repeat healthy-living
positive affirmations to yourself several times each day, and whenever
you need encouragement. Make your positive affirmations short and
specific. Below are a few to get your started. Your Awesome

  • I now set new and higher standards for myself and I step up
    to every challenge in a state of absolute certainty and
    unstoppable confidence
  • I increase my hunger and desire to achieve my goals everyday.
  • I now eat all the right foods for optimum health, energy,
    and peak performance.
  • My body is now trained to burn fat and build muscle.
  • I consciously control my biochemistry by putting my body
    into peak emotional states, by healthy eating, exercise, and
    adequate rest everyday

Being true to yourself also means that you are genuine with your
emotions. Ask yourself, “How can I be authentic, honest and genuine
in this situation?”

You’ve probably heard the term “Being Authentic”. Being authentic
means you are able to clarify your own values and decide what is most
important to you. Positive affirmations do work, but you have to
take the next step which would be much better if you spend less time
trying to convince yourself that you are being authentic and more time
demonstrating authenticity to the yourself and others. How are you
going to demonstrate your positive affirmations? Go to it ! Start
doing it today ! I believe in you.

A good friend gave me a great quote magnet, let it resonate with you. It reads

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you
are and you know what you want.” lao tzu


Most people are beaten before they start. They think they are going to
encounter obstacles, and they look for them, instead of for means to
overcome them. The result is that they increase their obstacles
instead of diminishing them. Have you ever undertaken something that
you thought would be hard, but afterwards found it to be easy? That is
the way a great many times The things that look difficult in advance,
turn out to be easy of conquest, when once encountered. So start out
on your journey with the idea that the road is going to be clear for
you, and that if it is not, you will clear the way. All people that
have amounted to anything, say 40 or even 100 years ago, have cleared
their way and they did not have the expert assistance that you will
have today.

The one great keynote of success is to do whatever you have decided
on. Don’t be turned from your path, but resolve that you are going to
accomplish what you set out to do. Don’t be frightened at a few
setbacks, for they cannot stop the individual that is determined–the
individual that knows in their heart that success is only bought by
tremendous strong will, by concentrated and whole-hearted effort.