How To Get Fit



How To Get Fit

One of the oldest yet simplest questions yet to be 100% answered is : How do I get fit? Have you ever asked yourself this question before and never been satisfied with the work you put into answering this question for yourself? Well how about today you make all of your doubts change and stick to my three step plan to get fit quick!

Lets starts by talking about water. Water this, water that, I know you have heard enough of water intake, but lets be realistic: water makes you lose weight. When you intake water and especially cold water you boost your metabolism by fifty percent! Your body is constantly working on burning off your cold water intake that has absolutely zero calories. The more water you take in as possible in a day the more weight you are going to lose. Try drinking a glass of water at least every two hours and by the end of the day you will have had about 6 to 8 glasses of water.

You have to get your running shoes on and move that body! If your not sweating than your not burning calories and fat. Try doing something every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour, this can be in the morning time or the evening time after work. Soon enough you will have boosted your metabolism with exercising and water intake that you will start to see a difference in less than two weeks. Even getting involved with a school or community hobby like running or playing basketball will help you to get fit in no time as well as having some fun on the side.

You have to “want” the change! You can read all day in magazines that it is better to be fit than not, but if you don’t want it yourself, it will never happen. Sad to say the majority of our population today wants to get fit, but they do not truly have the incentive and desire deep inside to do anything about it. If you don’t want to change your body yourself, than you will always be the same no matter how many times you try to convince yourself with the advertisements that surround you every day. Believe in yourself and watch the change happen!

So how do you get fit? You have to put your dreams, hopes, desires and expectations into action and that means you have to get up and do something about it! Getting fit is so much more than looking good like the people that are falsely advertised about every day, it is about feeling good inside and out with yourself.

Getting fit can bring joy to your inner-self because you have more confidence in who you are as well as making you feel healthier and happier. Just try these three simple steps of drinking water, exercising and believing in yourself and watch your body and life change. So just stop and think to yourself, is today the day that you make the changes in your life and become fit and happy? If the answer is yes, than what are you waiting for?

Get Fit In Increments With These Great Tips

Baby-Sdfteps-Arrow1Get Fit In Increments With These Great Tips

If you want to be healthy, it is important to be active; however, our society is designed to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. It is very hard, if not impossible to go from couch potato to fitness maven in one easy step. If you attempt to do too much at once, you may very well hurt yourself or become ill. It is far better to pursue fitness one step at a time. In this article, we will show you just how to do that. Read on to learn more.

Plan what you watch on television. Do not just walk in the door, turn on the TV and zone out. Look at the TV schedules and plan on specific programs to watch. While watching, do not just sit idly by. Do some stretching, use light weights for a gentle workout, use a pedalcizer to exercise your legs and so forth. Avoid just collapsing on the sofa to be hypnotized.

Always park your car at least a block away from your destination. Instead of waiting impatiently or wasting gas circling until your favorite parking spot by the door is open, park quickly and efficiently (and possibly under a shade tree) at a good distance from the door. In this way, you will get a mini walk as you head into work or the store.

Once inside, walk up and down stairs instead of riding the elevator or escalator. Stair climbing is excellent exercise and good way to strengthen your gluteus maximus. Take advantage of it every chance you get.

Choose to ride your bicycle, walk or take public transportation. You will save money and increase your fitness level. On top of that, you will be doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and clean up the environment.

Choose walking over sitting and socializing when taking breaks at work. Use those few minutes to walk around inside the building or go out and get a little fresh air and sunshine. Ten to fifteen minutes of walking once or twice a day will really add up to some good fitness benefits over time.

Keep a set of light dumbbells at various places in your home so that you can pick them up and use them while talking on the phone, waiting for the microwave to finish radiating your food or doing other tasks. When using the blender, do some squats. While bathing, practice a little yoga. There are lots of ways to build a little exercise into everything you do.

Add formal exercise into your schedule. Choose to take a walk after dinner every day. Do a 15 minute workout using a video before you begin watching TV or doing other sedentary activities. Add a few minutes of stretching or yoga to your morning routine and again before going to bed at night. Take a dance or aerobics class two or three times a week.

By adding fitness interludes to various aspects of each and every day, you can gradually change your habits to create a naturally active lifestyle. You may think these small changes will not make a difference; however, when practiced consistently, small changes add up to a lot more improvement and benefit than occasional lengthy workouts. Follow the tips presented here to get fit for life.  Of course, with the proper nutrition plan, you will be on the right path towards a fit active lifestyle, no matter what your age.

Exercise Your Way Past Negative Emotions

Ottawa Personal TrainerExercise Your Way Past Negative Emotions

The 20th century brought us the internet and the 21st century improved it to the point where one doesn’t have to leave the house. It’s true! A person can live in their pyjamas for weeks only changing when a friend comes over or they need to go grocery shopping.

However, friends who come over may be accepting of your pyjamas attire AND grocery shopping can now be conducted online. Truthfully, one never has to leave home.

As amazing and convenient as this is, it is also a curse. In fact, by utilising all the modern-day facilities one is actually signing a death sentence. By not leaving home and living on your computer you are slowly encouraging a deterioration in both physical and psychological health. Children today are showing an increase in Vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight caused by being indoors on Facebook all day. Furthermore, various severe health conditions such as heart disease are on the rise because humans no longer get any physical activity beyond fingers tapping on a keyboard.

As is correctly assumed, any individual who prefers to remain in bed all day will not choose to join a fitness club. The reasons are numerous but the most popular are an effort to go outside and the presence of other people. It has been seen that the majority of individuals who live on the internet do suffer from a degree of social phobia.

In order to accommodate this need to stay home, fitness outlets now deliver home fitness equipment and DVDs. In recent years these items have increased in popularity due to their convenience for the home business owners and professional individuals who just don’t have time to get to a fitness club. The different equipment available ranges from treadmills and spinning machines to hand weights and barbells. My favorite was always the weights.

When I was young, I was involved in track, basketball and Tae Kwon Do. Alot of my energy was spent in practice. I was outside all the time from Sun up to Sun down. Later in my teens, I started weight lifting as early as 13 years old and since then, developed an insatiable passion for bodybuilding.

It’s a whole lifestyle of how to follow bodybuilding. I share that with others that are liike minded during stage prep for a competition and through numerous online forums,  in the gym and through my website site,

Training everyday #gymlife and eating to support my goals, bodybuilding gives me a way to express myself and find my heart.

Bodybuilding has been an awesome part of my life the past 25 years. I’ve competed on stage at the age of 20 in Ottawa and travelled to different provinces to compete throughout my career. I’ve always enjoyed the journey no matter what happened at the destination of each show. I’ve won many first place and overall titles in bodybuilding and now at the age of 40, I will continue to compete and enjoy the journey.

I was born with ocular albinism and nystagmus. I have difficulty seeing faces and numbers on the dumbells, etc.. normal every day tasks for me unless at a very close distance.

Ocular albinism is an inherited condition in which the eyes lack melanin pigment, which causes the fovea, small area of the retina that renders acute vision, not to develop completely. Because the fovea does not develop well, it is difficult to correct vision with glasses. Nystagmus is involuntary back-and-forth movement of the eyes.

The biggest fact for me is I’m not allowed to drive. I am legally blind. That’s a pretty big bummer. As far as reading, I tend to stay very close to the monitor screen, which eventually gives me a headache. I learn to adjust and of course, have been extremely adaptable to almost anything I encounter with my vision. To be honest, I try to do what everyone else does, just as well as they can. I do my absolute best.

Seeing where I came from, I don’t let any negativity get the best of me. It’s pretty ease with vision loss to just give up on certain things, careers, tasks, plans for life. However, the gym life and bodybuilding have created another kind of vision for me. A positive light that never fades. Use the gym to your advantage, because its the best thing you can do for your health of mind, body and spirit.  I’ll never lose sight of my vision, that bodybuilding has given to me and use this to contribute back to all my clients, followers and friends.

Great Weight Loss Ideas for Beginners

Be GreatGreat Weight Loss Ideas for Beginners

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money in order to lose weight. There are thousands of weight loss programs out there in the marketplace, and most of them cost something, from a very modest cost to ones that can cost a lot of money.

Achieving weight loss is really very simple. All that has to be done it so burn more calories that the calories that your body takes in. It will take some day-to-day discipline and a goal. Get a notebook and date each page. This is to record your weight each day, and the food and portions that you ate each day.

Step one is to consciously reduce the portions that you eat for each meal. If you have two bagels in the morning for breakfast, have one. If you have two sandwiches for lunch, have only one. For dinner cut your portion down to a smaller amount, particularly the meat. Cut down on the beef, and substitute chicken a fish. Be sure the fish is organic.

For the in between meal snacks that you “have to have”, eat an apple. Cut it up into pieces with a paring knife and put the pieces into a bowl. It is just a little easier to eat that way and it seems to last longer. It will curb your appetite, and will help stop the number one reason most of us gain weight, and that is the snack.

Drink lots of pure water. You will hear people say that they don’t like water. Water actually has no taste, so what they are really saying is that they miss the sweetness and flavor of the soft drinks and the concoctions of commercial stuff on the market. Our bodies consist of 70% water, and when we get low on our water, our cells don’t function quite as efficiently. Drinking pure water means distilled water. That is the best because that is what our kidneys break all fluids in our bodies down to anyway. Give your kidneys a break and give them pure water.

Walk a lot. Jogging can seem to be a better exercise, but walking is going to work quite well and it will not be as hard on your ankles and knees. Set a goal of walking 30 minutes per day. If you can’t make that in the early stages of your weigh loss quest, work up to it. Walk in a safe place, such as a high school track, or indoors in a mall. If you live in the country, stay off of the roads and find some land or a field to walk on. (Beware of the bull)

The most important, and perhaps the most difficult task is to say off of the sugar. Completely eliminate it if you can, or cut it down a lot if you can. Refined sugar (cakes, pies, snacks, Twinkies, etc.) will kill your diet faster than anything. White flour is no good for you either. If you don’t believe that, take some white bread, and throw it out for the birds, and don’t shocked when they won’t eat it, because it offers absolutely zero nutritional value.

Set Your Fitness Goals And Strive To Meet Them

FitnessSet Your Fitness Goals And Strive To Meet Them

Are you looking to get more fit and meet your fitness goals?  If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, then you want make sure that you keep the nutritional and fitness aspects of your life in the forefront.  A good way to meet these goals is to find a personal coach or trainer to help you get fit.  Keep in mind that a lot of people join a gym or fitness club to meet their goals; however, they rarely use their membership.  If you’re looking to get fit, then you need to set a goal and find a way to get motivated to meet your goal.

If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, then you want to keep fitness and nutrition at the forefront.  Living a healthy lifestyle will allow you to deal with and avoid stress in your life.  Without living a healthy lifestyle, your body will be limited by its current strengths and capabilities.  It’s also a good idea to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can avoid gaining weight and have the ability to do the physical activities that you hope to do in your life.  Live a healthy lifestyle will add energy to your life and it will help you avoid sickness.

If you are trying to change your lifestyle and live a healthier life, then you might want to consider getting a personal coach or fitness trainer.  A personal coach will help you exercise and eat correctly as well as help you meet your fitness goals.  A lot of people find that it’s easier to go to the gym and workout when they have a personal coach helping them out.  The number one reason to get a personal trainer is to help you plan out your exercise regime, meet your goals, and provide adequate motivation for meeting your goals.  Having a personal coach or trainer will help you meet your goals and make you more excited about your successes in the gym.

A lot of people join a gym or fitness club, because they are looking to lose some weight.  Although the gym is a great place to meet your fitness goals, you do have to use your membership and show up to succeed with your fitness goals.  A lot of people joined gyms and never user memberships, because they live a sedentary life.  In addition to using your gym membership and working out, you need to realize that nutrition is an important aspect of your world fitness.  Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you work out and eat the right foods to meet your fitness goals.

Now that you have learned how to meet your fitness goals, you can take action to find success and motivation.  It’s important to not only focus on the fitness aspect of getting into shape, but also eating right and focusing on nutrition.  Keep in mind, that you might find more success with in meeting your fitness goals if you use a personal coach or trainer.  Remember that a lot of people joined a gym with the hopes of losing weight and getting fit; however, they never show up because they are too lazy.  Don’t find yourself in this state of mind. Set your goals and strive to meet them.

Thanks to Matt Byron for this awesome Fitness Goals setting worksheet.

Kids Fitness Tips For Parents

7be29daKids Fitness Tips For Parents

Today there are more and more children who are overweight or obese.  Kids these days are more likely to spend their free time watching television or playing video games than they are to be outside playing and getting exercise.  Here are some helpful tips for parents to help them get their kids get fit by getting off the couch and up and moving.

One of the keys to helping your kids get into shape is to make exercise fun.  Help them think up games to play with their siblings and friends, or encourage them to take up a sport they enjoy.  Another creative way to get your gaming addicts moving is to find exercise video games for them to play.  Combine the fun of video games with physical activity for a winning combination.

Try to make sure your children exercise for thirty minutes at least every day.  However, it can be broken up into several chunks of time.  For example, in the morning you and kids could walk the dog, after school in the afternoon they could join up with friends for a fun game or sporting activity outdoors, and then in the evening after dinner perhaps the entire family could go for a fun bike ride.  Your children would most likely love all the activities and they would be getting plenty of exercise all at the same time.

If you have a family dog, make sure your children are involved in walking him and also playing ball and other fun activities.  Make it the responsibility of the children to make sure their dog gets the exercise he needs.

Children can also get exercise by doing yard work and other chores.  Make cleaning the house a fun activity which involves plenty of movement.  You can even turn on some music to make it even more entertaining and fun.

Another key is you will need to lead by example.  If your children see you sitting in front of the television or computer most of the time, they will want to do  the same thing.  However, if they see you active and getting exercise on a daily basis, they are more likely to be interested in joining you.

Exercising as a family, including the pets, is a great way for everyone to get in shape.  It can also bring your family closer together.  Whether it is a family bike ride, playing in the park, hiking on a local trail, or joining a sports team, there are lots of physical activities that the entire family can enjoy together that will also keep everyone moving.

I hope these tips for getting your kids fit will get you pointed in the right direction.  The main keys to keep in mind are to lead by example, make exercise fun and get the whole family involved.  If you happen to run out of creative ways to keep the kids moving, just ask them for suggestions.  Children are very creative and full of ideas.