Bodybuilding Lifestyle

Bodybuilding is my biggest passion in life. What makes a person a
bodybuilder is actually the lifestyle they lead. It’s someone that
specializes in muscular development to obtain a high level of muscle size
and strength. However, it’s not being all end all. There’s much more to
leading this lifestyle than just working out and drinking protein shakes.
In my life, bodybuilding has become outlet for my creativity and desire to
help others achieve a healthier lifestyle through muscular development
and fitness.

It has helped me stay positive, reach my goals and shatter the face of
fear. Through this lifestyle, I have been able to successfully meet multiple
milestones through my past and continue to feel confident to meet any
future ones.

Each training workout is a stepping stone and from an early age, it has
taught me patience, determination and goal setting. it mentally teaches
you how to change. We all know what change can bring. It makes you
believe in yourself and that you can accomplish anything. I now practice
Reiki and integrate it into my lifestyle. It’s a perfect fit.

As individuals, society defines us by what we project that is tangible. But
you know that we are much more that just tangible.
I don’t define myself as a bodybuilder, but as someone that wants
everything life and spirituality has to offer. I offer you the same. The past
cannot be changed, however you can learn from your past experiences.
The future cannot be fortold, however you can create the moment and
strongly create your own future.