Chest Workout Routine to Shock Growth

This workout is intended for people that are already active in bodybuilding or mixed martial arts and have progressed to a strength level of training.

My chest workouts have been going really great lately. Every workout is perfect. I have figured out a way to consistently progress without injury or burning out. I am now going to share this with you for free.

Don’t feel privileged yet, until you actually start this workout on your own. First we are going to cover some basics on the chest muscles. The chest muscles consist of two groups.

The Pectoralis Major muscles (also known as the Pecs) are located on the front of the rib cage. The Pecs attach to the humerus near the shoulder joint and originate on the breastbone in the center of the chest.

The fibers of the Pectoralis muscles run like a fan across the chest. The fan-like structure of the Pecs allows the humerus to move in a variety of planes across the body.

The Pectoralis Minor muscle is located underneath the pectoralis major muscle, attaching to the coracoid process of the scapula and originating on the middle ribs.

Full Range of motion is critical is gaining strength, muscle growth and over coming plateaus. I see way too many people that do a flat barbell bench press where the bar does not touch their chest or the bar is not pressed high enough where the elbows are just about to lock out. Locking out of the bench press is not, in a power bodybuilder opinion safe for your joints and does not promote optimal muscle fibre breakdown. I also see people bounce the barbell off their chest to give them momentum. Again this is dangerous, and does nothing for building strength for all muscle fibers in your chest, which is your goal if you want to increase the size of your pectorals.

As a bodybuilder, I have learned that to gain strength on your flat barbell bench press, you must make sure your front delts, triceps and chest is full recovered from your previous workout before training with this exercise.

Your chest workout should not last longer than 25-30 minutes, not including warm-ups. After warming up, your mind should be completely focused on obliterating your previous record.

To give you an example of how well my program works, I have detailed my chest workout for you below.

Tuesdays – Chest and Biceps

Flat Bench Barbell Press (Olympic weights) Perform proper Warm up:

I normally do a form of cardio for 5 minutes and stretch my legs, back and chest frequently. Position your body center on the bench, use the barbell with no weight to feel the movement and mentally begin to visualize energy building up in your upper body muslces.

For a set of 1 x 15 reps, just use the barbell. Perform another set 30% of your max weight. I use 135lbs for 1 set 8 reps, full range of motion. Stretch your pecs in between sets, do some big arm circles, back and forth rotational movements to prepare and warm up the muscles. This is how I start off every chest workout. There are two routines that I use to build strength and muscle in my chest.

Routine 1 – alternates every workout – Category 2 level

Flat barbell bench press

1 x 15 reps no weight 1 x 8 reps 135 lbs . slow concentric and eccentric movements 1 x max 225 lbs . fast concentric and controlled eccentric movements, I normally get 20 reps 1 x 4 reps 315 lbs . very fast concentric and controlled eccentric movements

Incline Dumbell Presses

1 x 10 reps 60 lbs 2 x 12-15 reps 80 lbs

Flat dumbell flys

1 x 6 reps 50 lbs 2 x 10 reps 75 lbs

Dips leaning forward

1 x max reps, I normally get out 40 reps

Remember to stretch between each set, but stretch no longer than 5 seconds max. This is crucial.

Routine 2 – alternate ever workout – Category 5 level

Flat Barbell Bench Press

1 x 15 reps no weight 1 x 8 reps 135 lbs . slow concentric and eccentric movements 1 x 4 reps 225 lbs . slow concentric and controlled eccentric movements 1 x 4 reps 365 lbs . very fast concentric and controlled eccentric movements 1 x 3 reps 375 lbs . very fast concentric and controlled eccentric movements – spot required

Flat Dumbell Flys

1 x 4 40 lbs – slow concentric and eccentric movements 2 x max 80 lbs – fast concentric and controlled eccentric movements, I normally get around 15 reps

Incline Dumbell Presses

1 x 4 40 lbs – slow concentric and eccentric movements 2 x 8 80 lbs – fast concentric and slow eccentric movements

I take each set to momentary muscular failure WITHOUT a spotter. Make sure you use a power rack and adjust the bars so that it will catch the barbell safely if you cannot complete the lift. I see too many lifters depend on spots to help them lift the weight the up. This causes over training.

The difference between my Hurricane level 2 and level 5 Chest workout is that, one workout primes the next one and vice versa. Your nervous system and muscles need to associate proper stimuli to grow in strength and size and allow for proper recovery. Hurricane Chest workout at a distance seems simple, however up close and in your face beware, you are bound to shock your muscles into continuous growth.

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