Top 10 Effective Beach Travelers to Stay in Shape

  1. Burpees (try different variations too, such as side burpees or
    burpees to backward jump
  2. Sprints on sand to pushups to single leg iso-squat parallel to floor
  3. Walking lunges wrapped in a heavy soaked body towel (acts like a
    weight vest and keeps you cool)
  4. Bodyweight Squats to Knee Ups
  5. Single Leg Step Ups (on a rock or other high object), knee
    should raise higher than hip to single leg dives
  6. Cross Body Mountain Climbers to Free Hand Skipping
  7. Shadow Boxing to Single Leg Knee Ups
  8. Over the back toss with a heavy coconut
  9. Beach Ball Oblique Twists to Mountain Climbers
  10. Ankle bounces to Butt Kicks to Jumping Jacks to 10 Straight Leg
    Jumps (alternating)

The above are for individuals that have no injuries. You make your
own sets, reps and tempo / hold time. These are exercises you can do
right on the beach. No equipment needed except a heavy duty beach
ball and a coconut.

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