The Terrible Destructive Power of Complaining


The Terrible Destructive Power of Complaining

Here’s guest post article from Slade, one of my mentors.

Be careful about complaining. It totally lowers your vibration. And then you feel guilty. Which causes you to communicate in a shitty reactive mode that hurts people’s feelings and makes you feel even more guilty.

Written on June 1, 2013 by Slade Roberson in Power

And then you get depressed and just want to stay home.
You start calling in to work because you just can’t face anybody,
and then you go on antidepressants, which make it hard for you to sleep,
so you have to take sleeping medication,
and you start oversleeping and being really out of it,
and you miss even more work without calling in,
and you get written up…
So you think you should just admit to HR that you’re having “emotional problems,”
(which no one could care less about, by the way, in case you were wondering)
and then you have a target on your back.
Your supervisor’s just looking for reasons to write you up.
You think “Fuck it. Might as well drink a box of wine.”
Which of course does nothing for your punctuality, your job performance, or how you look when you show up in the morning.
You’re hung over and late.
Your boss calls you into her office and says “Look, we’re gonna have to let you go.”
And then you’re unemployed and telling yourself you’ll update your resume tomorrow,
but you just end up watching more episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix.
(You consider a career as a meth dealer for about half a minute,
but quickly realize it’s just a pipe dream.)
And then your friends try to invite you out to cheer you up,
but you whine about how you can’t spend any money,
and you’re basically complaining even more now than you ever did in the first place,
so everybody pretty much stops calling you.
You never answer anyway — you sure as hell don’t check voicemail — you don’t even respond to text messages.
You mute your cell phone so that you can nap without being interrupted.
(We won’t even talk about your full blown addiction to Facebook and Internet porn.)
…your horoscope is bad news…
…you pray (usually while inebriated)…
…you try to talk to your spirit guides
(from the bathroom floor — cuz that’s real effective)…
Your life sucks.
You complain with every breath you take, and of course the results are exponentially miserable…
So, yeah — be careful about that complaining thing.
It’s, like, a butterfly effect or something.
Know what I mean?

Image credit Favi Santos via Creative Commons on Flickr

Exercise Your Way Past Negative Emotions

Ottawa Personal TrainerExercise Your Way Past Negative Emotions

The 20th century brought us the internet and the 21st century improved it to the point where one doesn’t have to leave the house. It’s true! A person can live in their pyjamas for weeks only changing when a friend comes over or they need to go grocery shopping.

However, friends who come over may be accepting of your pyjamas attire AND grocery shopping can now be conducted online. Truthfully, one never has to leave home.

As amazing and convenient as this is, it is also a curse. In fact, by utilising all the modern-day facilities one is actually signing a death sentence. By not leaving home and living on your computer you are slowly encouraging a deterioration in both physical and psychological health. Children today are showing an increase in Vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight caused by being indoors on Facebook all day. Furthermore, various severe health conditions such as heart disease are on the rise because humans no longer get any physical activity beyond fingers tapping on a keyboard.

As is correctly assumed, any individual who prefers to remain in bed all day will not choose to join a fitness club. The reasons are numerous but the most popular are an effort to go outside and the presence of other people. It has been seen that the majority of individuals who live on the internet do suffer from a degree of social phobia.

In order to accommodate this need to stay home, fitness outlets now deliver home fitness equipment and DVDs. In recent years these items have increased in popularity due to their convenience for the home business owners and professional individuals who just don’t have time to get to a fitness club. The different equipment available ranges from treadmills and spinning machines to hand weights and barbells. My favorite was always the weights.

When I was young, I was involved in track, basketball and Tae Kwon Do. Alot of my energy was spent in practice. I was outside all the time from Sun up to Sun down. Later in my teens, I started weight lifting as early as 13 years old and since then, developed an insatiable passion for bodybuilding.

It’s a whole lifestyle of how to follow bodybuilding. I share that with others that are liike minded during stage prep for a competition and through numerous online forums,  in the gym and through my website site,

Training everyday #gymlife and eating to support my goals, bodybuilding gives me a way to express myself and find my heart.

Bodybuilding has been an awesome part of my life the past 25 years. I’ve competed on stage at the age of 20 in Ottawa and travelled to different provinces to compete throughout my career. I’ve always enjoyed the journey no matter what happened at the destination of each show. I’ve won many first place and overall titles in bodybuilding and now at the age of 40, I will continue to compete and enjoy the journey.

I was born with ocular albinism and nystagmus. I have difficulty seeing faces and numbers on the dumbells, etc.. normal every day tasks for me unless at a very close distance.

Ocular albinism is an inherited condition in which the eyes lack melanin pigment, which causes the fovea, small area of the retina that renders acute vision, not to develop completely. Because the fovea does not develop well, it is difficult to correct vision with glasses. Nystagmus is involuntary back-and-forth movement of the eyes.

The biggest fact for me is I’m not allowed to drive. I am legally blind. That’s a pretty big bummer. As far as reading, I tend to stay very close to the monitor screen, which eventually gives me a headache. I learn to adjust and of course, have been extremely adaptable to almost anything I encounter with my vision. To be honest, I try to do what everyone else does, just as well as they can. I do my absolute best.

Seeing where I came from, I don’t let any negativity get the best of me. It’s pretty ease with vision loss to just give up on certain things, careers, tasks, plans for life. However, the gym life and bodybuilding have created another kind of vision for me. A positive light that never fades. Use the gym to your advantage, because its the best thing you can do for your health of mind, body and spirit.  I’ll never lose sight of my vision, that bodybuilding has given to me and use this to contribute back to all my clients, followers and friends.