Self Love, Hope and Motivation for 2020

I came across this quote below and thought it’s a good time to say what’s on my mind about fitness and health coaches.

“Nobody thinks it will work, do they?”
“No. You just described every great success story.” — Quote from the movie Say Anything

Thinking about becoming a better version of yourself, but do not know where to begin? This is a conundrum faced by numerous individuals who want to lose weight and become physically and emotionally fit.  The answer for these individuals is through a quality health and fitness coach that has the know-how and ability to teach you about the nuances of health and fitness. 

Self Love, Hope and Motivation for 2020 should be a priority and high focus in your life. When this happens, it spreads to others you connect with.

As a coach, the biggest difference is to help you realize your potential, keep you focused and actually care about your success.   I’ve never quit on a client and I’ve always fought to help them towards success.  It’s not easy changing your habits and changing your body composition to a lean, fit and toned look. It’s hard work.

I want to share this testimonial below from just one of my clients to prove what caring about your clients can do.. So when your thinking about getting some coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me to chat.

“Throughout my years in the industry I have worked with some of the best online (and offline) personal training clients. These are some of the generous recommendations I have received:

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob since I decided to shed my former self and get healthy again. Weighing in at nearly 300 lbs and suffering from numerous ailments like high BP and asthma and joint pain and being constantly lethargic and having low energy, Rob helped me realize that with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and positive energy and focus I could achieve anything. Rob was instrumental in getting me back on track and was constantly supportive and available throughout the journey. He is empowering, empathetic, determined and dedicated to you and your goals.

With Rob’s guidance and direction, coupled with my hard work and determination I not only lost 110 lbs, I also corrected my BP (now a resting heart rate of 56) stopped the need for asthma meds and have energy and direction.

Rob truly knows his stuff and his experience in the field of fitness and nutrition is beyond compare.

If you are looking for the right person to help you with your lifestyle goals, I highly recommend Rob. I truly feel without him I would have failed. It has been 6 years since I started this whole journey with his guidance and I am still healthy and happy.” – Rob Peixoto

To all my clients, thank you for your business, your trust and your confidence.  Let’s bring 2020 with some more momentum in the right positive direction for you.

All the best,
Coach Rob Lagana