15 Ways To Live Longer

Living longer doesn’t just mean boosting your life span. It means living a better quality of life that you love.

  1. Exercise on a daily basis
  2. Eat good healthy foods that give you well balanced nutrition.
  3. Eat sparingly throughout the day and use portion control
  4. Get a Reiki or chiro session
  5. Get a massage or active release technique session
  6. Spend less time in front of the T.V at night. You’ll get a better sleep.
  7. Enjoy all types of music. Explore different music artists and sounds.
  8. Learn how to communicate with others in their social language.
  9. Always get a second opinion
  10. Don’t smoke
  11. Don’t drink alcohol
  12. Live with a pet and take care of it
  13. Raise yourself and praise yourself
  14. Expand beyond your self-limits
  15. Run through the cloud of fear and check mark those items on your bucket list.