HardGainer Routine To Build Your Chest Muscles

So we all know that building muscle isn’t all about steroids and how much food you can eat…. or is it?

Of course not, and for some people it’s VERY difficult. Especially drug-free athletes. To improve any body part you need to to really focus on that body part.

What is a hard gainer anyway? It’s someone that has been training for at least 3 or 4 years and looks similar to what they looked when the started. Call it poor genetics, but I believe it’s actually the wrong combo on diet, training and sleep.

If you been training for 1 year and not seeing any results, sorry dude, this does not make you a hard gainer.

The Chest muscles in particular are one of the most common complaints in the gym for these hardgainers to improve on. If you are a hard gainer that IS doing everything right, such as getting enough calories, macro-nutrient ratio is fine, sleep is fine, recovery is fine, then this is the hard gainer routine to build your chest muscles that will explode your muscle mass growth.

Here’s a free sample workout to get your chest bigger! Try this routine for the next 6 weeks.

This workout assumes you’ve been weight training for about 2-3 years already.. consistently, don’t have injuries and know how to activate your muscles properly, throughout the full range of motion.

Day 1 – Chest

Incline DB Flys 3 x 10
Incline BB Press 3 x 10
BB Flat Bench 3 x 10
Cable Flys 3 x 10

Perform these exercises as straight sets in horizontal order.
For your last 2 reps, they should be real forced reps.
Your rest period is 2 minutes.

Day 4 – Chest

1. Superset these 2 exercises
Stability Ball DB Presses – Alternate Arms – 2 x 12
Incline BB Press

2. Superset these 2 exercises
Stability Ball DB Incline Presses – Alternate Arms – 2 x 12
Flat BB Press

3. Superset these 2 exercises
Plyometric Push-Ups 2 x 12
Cable Flys

Your rest period is 1 minute. There is no rest between the 2 exercises you are super setting.
No forced reps here.

Enjoy the Mass !

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