Shelley Cross – Bikini Champion

9 months apart 23 lbs weight loss 147 to 124 lb

Shelley Cross – Bikini Champion

For years I tried on my own to build muscle and lose fat. I dreamed of competing in bodybuilding but did not know where to start. After asking for referrals about Coaches I found Rob Lagana and knew as I interviewed him, he was perfect. I was in need to drop fat( as I was trying to bulk on my own). I needed to build more muscle and needed a food plan that was geared to me as I’m a fussy eater. I needed a Coach who could transform my body. I wanted a Coach who would give me nutrition and workout plans, understand menopause, and hormones.

From the first week I was never alone. I always knew the plan, knew what to eat, when to eat, weights, cardio and supplements. I had 💯 support, Rob was always available to explain things or answer questions. Easy explanations, videos, articles and always positive words of encouragement.

I was discouraged in the early months as the changes were slow but with weekly pics and trusting Robs plan the weight started to drop and the muscles began to pop. I saw my body transform, I realized how important proper nutrition was ( and adapted weight training) was. This was a game changer to achieving my goals. I have thanked God for putting Rob in my path. His vast education, experience, dedication and compassion makes him elite and an asset in his field.  Look no further if you are wanting a professional experienced Coach who can help you achieve your goals weather it’s weight loss, building muscle or dreaming of Competing. Rob Lagana is your dream Coach.

Shelley Cross - Bikini Champion