Yas – Bikini Champion

Yasmine – Bikini Champion

I would recommend Rob to anyone ready and committed to improving themselves, mentally and physically! When I first started working with Rob, I had tried for years to reach a good place with my body. I did so many fitness fads and went in circles trying to find the best diet and lifestyle and it always seemed that my goals were just out of reach. I just wanted to look and feel my best – long term. And getting to compete on stage would just be part of this journey! I was drawn to Rob’s coaching because of his focus on whole foods, and perhaps most importantly, mindset. Rob taught me many principles that I will take away for the rest of my life. After working with Rob for several months through multiple phases, I have made a physical and mental transformation that I couldn’t have believed just months ago. One big breakthrough I experienced through the process was realizing that I was always capable of improving my physique but I had to change my mindset first; We all have the tools to succeed – sometimes what is required is the right support. For me, that was Rob. My husband even now works with Rob and has made some awesome lifestyle, weight and health improvements!

Yas - Bikini Champion