Marta Wajda Figure Athlete

MartaWMarta Wajda Figure Athlete
While living in Ottawa last year, I decided to seek out the coaching of a trustworthy individual that had the knowledge, experience and industry credibility that I was looking for.

Like many out there, I was at a point where I became frustrated with my inconsistent and failed attempts to “lose weight” – not knowing I was only damaging myself each and every time.
With Rob’s coaching, I discovered that I was capable of achieving my goals through proper nutrition, training and mental awareness. I learned a lot about myself and realized that hard work really does take commitment, patience and consistent effort – in all aspects of one’s overall health.
Now, a year later and living in the city of Toronto, I continue to challenge myself with Rob’s guidance online. After competing in my first Figure Competition earlier this year, I noticed that I have gained confidence, control and that happy little spark that will keep me pushing to be stronger and better than the person I was yesterday.
Marta Wajda Figure Athlete