Elsa Longpre Figure Athlete

Elsa Longpre Figure AthleteElsa Longpre Figure Athlete

Elsa Longpré, 23 years old. I’m from Gatineau

I work as a wildland firefighter 6 months a year and study the other 6 months

I started weight training 2 years ago after my first fire season because I wanted to get stronger and totally fell in love with the feeling so I kept reading and studying about training and nutrition. During the past summer I decided that I wanted to get and see more results and have some new challenges. That’s why I hired Coach Rob Lagana

I think you are a great trainer because of your knowledge, your own experience as a successful bodybuilder/living a healthy life style, staying down to earth/spiritual and actually seems like you care about my results. I feel like the programs and nutrition plans I get are really customized for me. My energy and strength is way better, I manage my stress better and I’m seeing more results. 🙂

I placed 2nd at the 2013 GNC London Championships, my first competition and more to come!

Elsa Longpre Figure Athlete