Jody McCombe Figure Athlete

Jody_before_AfterJody McCombe, 40 years old, from Ottawa.  Jody hired me as a coach in June of 2012. At that time, she planned to get in shape for competition in 2013.  I developed customized plans for Jody each month and helped guide her towards her goals.

Jody has many roles in life. One of which is a wife to a husband who spends more time in the sky on business travel than on the ground.

Along with these activities, she makes time to put her health and fitness goals as a priority.

As her coach, I have watched her over the past year,  improve with both nutrition and physique. I am very proud of her accomplishments and being even more self-aware.

Since I’ve competed for many years myself, I knew first hand exactly what Jody should expect along this journey. Being there for her throughout her training to coach, guide, advise, listen, and even calm her down when needed, with the help of Tatiana too 🙂

Jody never missed a training session and  is always on time, well organized, and is not scared to go heavy. She knows that I put the caring of her as a successful client first, before my own needs.  One challenge for Jody is being able to stay consistent with nutrition and training and travelling. With my guidance, Jody is much more confident and knowledgeable in sticking to it, while sometimes traveling 3-5 times a year to different destinations around the world.

Her biggest challenge is booking 6 am sessions, getting up before her kids so she has her oldest 17 at home with the youngest 4 and no need for a babysitter or daycare. As well, 6 AM session, allows for better time management and she doesn’t  get derailed by demands of her business or family during the day! No excuses!

Jody has been able to maintain her off season weight for the past few months to around 10 lbs off her contest weight.  This shows truly remarkable concentration and that this change is indeed a long term lifestyle change.

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Whether you’re set on shedding a few pounds, preparing for a competition, or putting your health back on track, you need a knowledgeable professional you can trust to guide you every crucial step of the way. Above all, you need a passionate individual who regards your success as their own.

This is where I come in: Hi, my name is Rob Lagana, and as a fitness coach and accomplished competitive bodybuilder with over two decades of experience, I’m on a mission to turn your fitness and wellness goals into reality. Both results-driven and compassionate, I provide all our clients with a personalized experience and specially tailored workout routines and meal plans. I also firmly believe in fitness being fun; I’ve never been an all work, no play kind of guy.

Growing up, I faced some hardship due to the ocular albinism I was born with (a condition that leaves me legally blind for life). However, that didn’t stop me from becoming a successful competitive bodybuilder, which ultimately inspired me to help others achieve happiness, confidence, and overall wellness in their own lives.

In addition to training consistently and assisting my valued clients, I’m currently writing a book entitled “Totally Healthy,” which offers tried-and-true tips and tricks to fat loss and toning up by harnessing a balanced holistic approach.

With the right nutrition and exercise regimen that is unique to you and your needs, anything is possible! Add positivity, empowerment, support, and a holistic approach to the mix, and you’re well on your way to paving the road to longevity. Let’s begin your journey together! Reach out to me today.

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Jody McCombe Figure Athlete