Corrina Payne – Bikini Champion

Corrina Yvonne Bikini Athlete


Corrina Payne – Bikini Champion

I began working online with Coach Rob in June 2015 with the goal of competing in my first Bikini Competition. The amount of effort and heart he put into supporting me toward my stage debut exceeded my expectations. He did not allow the long-distance between us (8 hours) to be an obstacle; he was always available to answer my questions or concerns. I had a great prep experience thanks to Coach Rob’s straight forward, optimistic and professional approach. In light of my positive experience, I felt motivated to compete in a second show 4 weeks later. In this short time, my body responded flawlessly to the strategies he implemented. We succeeded in bringing an increasingly conditioned
package to stage.

Coach Rob was motivating, reliable and offered on-going, consistent support to ensure my competition experiences ran smoothly. To make certain I was completely prepared, he scheduled weekly face-time check-ins, provided posing suggestions and critiques, and offered structured guidelines for peak week and show day.

He holds an astonishing amount of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of bodybuilding. For each phase of our training, he took into consideration my specific strengths and weaknesses to devise individualized plans that produced incredible changes to my physique. He made adjustments to my meal plans and training as needed to ensure constant progress, and promptly responded to each and every one of my

I always felt Coach Rob was 100% invested in my success, and that he genuinely cared about my health and wellbeing. I truthfully cannot say enough good things about his dedication and dependability; he is an exceptional Coach who worked diligently at helping me attain my fitness goals.

Corrina Payne - Bikini Champion