Connie Fong – Bikini Athlete

Connie Fong Bikini Athlete.jpgConnie Fong – Bikini Athlete Champion

I remember being super excited to attend my first bodybuilding competition on July 4th, 2015. At this time, I was already planning on competing in a show later on, but I didn’t have a coach at that time.

After seeing the transformations of Rob’s clients and witnessing how great they performed in the competition, I decided to reach out to Rob. Within the next day, he had contacted me back and we decided to work together to prep for my first body building show as a bikini competitor.

Throughout my 14 week prep, Rob taught me that this journey isn’t just a prep to get skinny and step on stage and show off your figure. He taught me that the journey is all about building a better you. I was able to loose weight, build confidence, and I’ve been able to learn what works and doesn’t work for my body regarding training and foods. Most importantly, working with Rob has allowed me to meet so many supportive and inspirational people who have the same goals.

Connie Fong BikiniIt’s amazing how much knowledge and experience Rob has in order to have helped me reach my goals. After having competed in my first bodybuilding competition as a bikini competitor while being coached through Rob, has left me itching to do another competition with again, and I can’t wait!

Being in prep is definitely a challenging process, however, having the right coach who understands how the body and mind works, really does make a prep easier, especially if it is your first. Couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and better experience!

Connie Fong