Carol Monette – Bikini Champion

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Carol Monette – Bikini Champion

In 2014, at 48, I decided to do my first bikini competition. I ended up doing two that year and qualified for Ontario provincials in both open and natural streams. I had been training with a previous coach who lives in Toronto, and was looking for a more hands-on approach as I felt I was starting to plateau. I met Rob Lagana through a mutual training buddy, and quickly realized after our first consult, that he was the right coach for me. He has an amazing amount of knowledge. Ask questions, and he has the answers.

His meal plans are custom made for you and he listens to what you say. If you can’t live without a certain food, or if can’t stomach something, he will build it into your plan. His workout plans are crazy and you need to be up for the challenge! Rob builds champions, and his plans reflect that. You train and eat like a champion, think like a champion, and end up a champion.

I just recently competed in the Toronto Provincials and finished 1st in my age category. So proud to have competed alongside Rob and Tatiana. Watching their success has inspired me too.   No one has motivated me to bring my best, more than Rob has.

Rob will tell it as it is and not sugar coat anything. All you need to do is follow his plan. 100% committed with bring you 100% results. I am planning to compete in the August provincial naturals, and so looking forward to what improvements Rob and I can make together to bring an even stronger package to the stage.

Whether your goal is weight loss, getting in better shape, or hitting the stage, you’re in good hands with Rob. Just do it!

Carol Monette