Bikini Contest Prep

There are many organizations that you can compete in if you choose to do a bikini contest prep. If you have a hard time deciding, please submit your free assessment form and I can guide you to choosing the right event for you. If you are an event promoter / or organization, I encourage you to contact me and I can include your organization below.

CPA – Canadian Physique Alliance

They have their own criteria which is typically a more muscular look, however still streamlined for the competitors physique structure. Because there are so many CPA events in one year, judging can change from show to show as there is a much more broad range of physique types to hold their generic criteria. (X frame, cookie cutter). The CPA gives you the opportunity to compete and obtain an IFBB Pro Card at CPA National Pro Qualifiers, the North American Championships, the Arnold Amateur Classic or the Amateur Olympia starts here at the Canadian Physique Alliance. Once you achieve your IFBB Pro status you can compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow, the Vancouver Pro Show, the Arnold Classic, Pro Shows held in the USA and worldwide and the one and only Joe Weider’s Olympia in Las Vegas. Check out their website, link in the title above.

IDFA – International Drug Free Athletics

SHOWS ARE OPEN TO ALL ATHLETES WORLDWIDE (Note: IDFA Canadian Nationals / Provincials is for Canadian Citizens only) – IDFA promote competitions and the lifestyle of Natural Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness Model, Bikini, and Transformation Athletes. Check out their website, link in the title above.

SAF – Serious About Fitness

Open to All competitors – SAF also promotes competitions and lifestyle of natural bodybuilding for women. Check out their website, link in the title above. There are many testimonials on their website such as this one “I choose SAF because it’s a positive federation for women and has a high level of competition. It’s also a place where I can be different, strong, and an artist.
— Emilie Provencher