My Review on the new Skulpt Aim device

My Review on the new Skulpt Aim device. Their website is

Skulpt Aim accurately measures body fat with results closely comparing to the gold standard Hydrostatic Weighing.

Measurements are taken on four muscle groups to get a total body reading of your fat percentage.

It’s $199.99, and you can use it as often as you’d like. It also measures fat percentage on individual areas of the body to help you understand where your fat is located.

More so, it’s the world’s first device to measure MQ. Knowing your body fat and muscle quality are the only two metrics you need to truly understand your fitness.

This device blows me away. It’s much more accurate than Bioimpedance “Smart Scales” or devices and much more accurate than calipers. I’m a competitive bodybuilder. My goal is to build muscle and reduce bodyfat for competition. The Skulpt Aim helps me track individual bodyparts. This is a huge help because I can further customize my training plan around my strengths and weaknesses.