Bikini Contest Prep for Success

Bikini Contest Prep for Success

Figure and Bikini Contest Prep

Preparing for a bikini or figure contest can be a very exciting time, but it can also be stressful. This is especially true during the preparation process, which is going to make a big difference in your ability to succeed in the competition. Although there are always variations in what needs to be done during the bikini or figure contest prep stage, here are some suggestions which will help you to get started:

Choose Your Competition – The first thing that needs to be done is to choose a competition that is going to be right for you. Some shows tend to lend themselves more for beginners while others may be for experienced women. There are also shows that are specific for professionals, and you may want to work your way up to those shows. If you are a first-time competitor, you can look to the NPC, CBBF, IDFA, UKBFF to find a show which will help you to get started.

Some of the specific options that need to be considered when choosing to prep for a bikini or figure contest are the date of the competition, the city where it is held, the cost and any specific requirements for the show. Many women find that it is best to compete in their local area so that they can have the support of their family and friends. Competing locally also helps you to stay on your routine instead of being out of your element, worrying about preparing your food in a hotel room.

Choose Your Category – There are five different categories for contests and you will need to choose one that is right for you. The categories include physique, figure, fitness, bodybuilding and bikini. Physique competitions are done for men in board shorts, judged on upper body and looks, women physique are a sized down version of bodybuilding. Figure contests are done in high heels and you will need to perform specific poses, such as quarter turns, and are judged on entire posterior chain, lean muscle but not ripped. Fitness contests are for women who are into dancing and gymnastics and want to do a routine. Bodybuilding is typically reserved for muscular and ripped or shredded men and they will need to pose during a music routine. Finally, the bikini category is for women who may have more curves and the posing is done in high heels and bling in a 2 piece bikini. Think of cover model of a Sports Illustrated magazine.  The majority of women who are just getting their start in bikini and figure contests choose the bikini category.

Consider the Costs – Many women are surprised with how much cost is associated with the bikini contest prep, let alone actually signing up for a competition. Aside from the registration and NPC or your regional membership card, which will run you close to $200, you also need to consider your suit, heels, supplements, jewelry, spray tanning, hair and makeup and the cost of professional photography which will take place at the show. It is not out of the question to spend up to $1500 for a single bikini competition.

Prepare Your Outfit – There are is more to bikini contest prep then simply buying your bikini. You also need to consider the heels and jewelry that you wear. The bikini itself is different than a bikini that you might wear to the beach. They are competition specific and you may need to travel some distance in order to find one, or you can order them online. The cost for the competition suit may vary from approximately $100 all the way up to $600 or more.

If you are preparing for the bikini category, you will need to purchase clear heels. Any style of heel is fine, provided they are clear. You should take the time to practice walking in the heels, because it will make a difference in how you are judged in the competition. In most competitions, you are permitted to wear bracelets, earrings and rings but hair accessories and necklaces are not permitted.

Workouts and Nutrition – A huge topic to cover, however eating clean and training hard is the name of the game for bikini contest prep for success. Expect to train 5 days a week with weights and cardio.  Expect to eat low carbs, moderate to high protein and moderate healthy fats.  If you’re looking for a custom tailored nutrition plan for bikini success, please contact me.

Supplements – Another huge topic to cover, however the basics are a protein powder, Vitamin D, a very good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral.  As a note, I personally do not recommend drugs or banned fat burners such as T3 or Clen to competitors in Bikini. There is absolutely no need for it.  Do the hard work, make the sacrifices and you’ll reach your success.  For all you trainers that do push this on bikini competitors, it’s an absolute big fail on your part.

Posing – I can’t stress enough how important posing is to your success. You need to start posing at least 20 weeks out from your event every day.  Learn your posing from a professional.  Learn like like a pro and be super confident about your posing and stage presence.  Learn how to flow and pop into your posing gracefully and with poise.

Time to Tan – When the time has arrived for the competition, it is time to tan. Having a proper tan will help to show off your muscle definition and will look great when you are under the big lights.

Approximately one week before you tan, you will want to exfoliate properly. You should also make sure that you shave a few days before the show, because you will not be able to shave on the day prior to being tanned or on the day it is applied. When you enter into the spray booth, you will be naked and it may be possible that a man will be spraying you, so be prepared for that in advance.

Relax and Enjoy the Show – Finally, it doesn’t matter how much you prepare for your bikini or figure contest, you may feel nervous and have some butterflies when the morning of the show arrives. Pay close attention to the instructions that are given to you, including the schedule and any rules that exist for the competition. Above all, try to relax and enjoy the competition, it will make it easier for you to smile when the time comes for you to do so.

What Are Natural Bikini Competitions?

naturalWhat Are Natural Bikini Competitions?

If you are struggling to meet your fitness goals or need some added incentive why not
sign up for Natural Bikini Competitions? These competitions are sponsored by NANBF,
North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation, a foundation dedicated to promoting
drug tested body building shows in an effort to promote healthy and drug free
competition. This article is geared toward my USA friends, as NANBF, started in the
USA, and all their shows are held in the USA.

I am also a huge believer that Bikini athletes have absolutely NO need at all to take
any banned substances. The idea of a bikini athlete taking banned substances is
ridiculous and if their coaches are pushing this, they need their heads checked.

Having a goal to work towards, like participating in one of the Natural Bikini
Competitions, is a great way to make sure you stay motivated and reach the fitness
level you are aiming for. With the prospect of parading in your bikini, finding the
time to work out will be more of a priority, leading to better results and more
frequent workouts.

Although winning one of the Natural Bikini Competitions would be amazing, don’t expect
to do so the first time around. Competition is fierce, and many competitors go year
after year, but by putting yourself out there, and trying, you will find that you have
more drive and endurance and a higher fitness level. The fact that the competitions
require drug testing and no performance enhancing substances evens the playing field
and helps promote good health, not only muscular physiques.

In order to compete you will need to be an active member of the NANBF. Joining is
simple, and requires a $60.00 fee. It’s important that you make note of the substances
that are banned to make sure you are able to compete and avoid embarrassment.

Don’t be frightened by the term ‘body building’, the competitions don’t require any
specific level of muscularity. What is important is the you are toned, fit and have a
good symmetry and proportion. The most important thing is that you be the best version
of yourself that you can be, and stick to your fitness goals for optimal health.

Although joining a Bikini Competition might seem extreme, having a deadline like that
is invaluable! Having a goal at which to publicly show your results will help motivate
you to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. This will lead to better results
quicker, and a healthy toned body.

Slacking off is easy, especially if you don’t have a personal trainer and don’t go to
the gym. But, even if you are training at home with the help of the home workout
equipment or programs, it is easy to stay motivated when you have a deadline. Getting
someone to work out with you is another way to hold yourself accountable and stick to
your fitness goals.

Signing up with a friend or partner is a great idea. Having work out partner to help
monitor your progress and to enter the competition with you can be a bonding and fun
experience. Getting fit together and reaching your goals together will be very

Natural Bikini Competitions are held all over the country. So, regardless of your area
or state, you should be able to find a competition near you that you can participate
in. Set your deadline and get fit now!