Start A Supplement Program on a Tight Budget

How do I start a supplement program to help me with my muscle building and/or fat loss goals?

In my article Basic Concepts of Supplement Aids, you’ve understood that supplement will assist your fitness and health. Ergogenic supplements are basically sport and exercise performance enhancing supplements. You now know how supplements work at the fundamental level.

The problem I see with most people that there’s so many supplements to choose from at their local retailer such as GNC or on the Internet that they have no idea what they need that can help improve their health, fitness and/or sport and exercise.

The other problem is that with so many brands, it’s hard to determine manufacture quality for the amount of money you pay. Typically, the higher you pay, the better quality you think you are receiving in the brand or product from the manufacturer.

As you know, there is plenty of marketing hype on supplements. Most Supplement companies spend more money on marketing hype than the actual product ingredients. That concerns me and it should concern you. How do you know your truly paying for a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral or a good creatine complex?

To start a supplement program you need to get expert advice from someone that tried at least the majority of supplements on the market from different manufacturers.

You need to find someone that has continually measured their results when taking one specific supplement or stack of supplements. As an example, you can be bench pressing 185 lbs for 10 reps and stay at that intensity for a few weeks. Then you try buy creatine complex and start taking this creatine. Your routine hasn’t changed but you notice that the weight feels lighter and you start to increase your intensity. That’s a supplement that has a direct ergogenic effect because it works and your results can be measured.

I’ve been testing supplements on and off for about 20 years now. I’ve tried everything from desiccated animal liver tabs to ZMA and back. It was part of my job! I was a large retail purchaser for supplements and if I were to do business with a vendor and sell their product, I would have to try myself and see positive, noticeable results.

Here’s my inside tips on starting an affordable supplement program that won’t disappoint you! The program below is based on your target goal of training and your age.
No specific brand or manufacturer is mentioned as it is up to you to do a bit of your own research or specifically ask an expert.

Overall Health (What everyone needs)

This is your foundation.

Multi-vitamin and mineral formula
Anti-oxidant formula

Age: Over 18 and Under 29

Muscle Builders

Protein powder
Branch Chain Amino Acids

Fat Loss Products
Ephedra-Free Thermogenic (no ephedrine)
Fatty Acids such CLA

Age: Over the age of 29
Muscle Builders

Natural Testosterone Booster
Growth Hormone Booster
Glutamine Product
Leucine Product
Protein Powder

Fat Loss Products
Stimulant Free Fat Loss Product (no caffeine – no ephedrine)
Anti-Cortisol Product
MRP (Meal Replacement Powder)
Essential Fatty Acids (such as Omega 3)

This information will start you on the right path toward your muscle building and/or fat loss goals. No supplement program will work effectively without a proper nutritional and training plan.
Nutrition will make up for at least 70% of positive results with supplementation being 10% of that measurement. The rest is exercising and recovery. As you can see, try to focus more on solid
food nutrition for best results with any supplement and training program.
You can start today and visit your local supplement retailer. Remember they may try and sell you something that is not in the list above, so, just say No Thank You and save your money.

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Rob Lagana, Fitness Coach

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