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Namaste.  I welcome you to read about Reiki and my services.I wrote an article describing Reiki for Healing, Balance and Relaxation.

Dr_Mikao_UsuiTo give a brief overview, Dr. Mikao Usui The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century, which is activated by intention.

Reiki is a therapy that the practitioner delivers through the hands, with intent to raise the amount of ki in and around the client, heal pathways for Ki, and reduce negative energies. Special symbols which activate the Chakras are used by the practitioner to open up and tune into the higher frequencies of source energy. Reiki vibrates at a very fine frequency.

Reiki’s natural healing energy works on every level, not just the physical, and promotes the body’s regenerative self healing ability. Reiki healing complements Eastern and Western medicine and everybody can benefit from it. Reiki is a way of activating, directing and applying natural energy for the promotion of health, healing, balance and wholeness.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki can assist with recovery from medical treatments and surgery.
  • Reiki can assist with recovery from injuries
  • Reiki can assist with improving the immune system
  • Reiki can assist with insomnia and anxiety or panic attacks
  • Reiki can assist with chronic pain
  • Reiki can assist with the regulation of blood pressure
  • Reiki can assist with hormone disorders
  • Reiki can assist with deep relaxation
  • Reiki can assist with emotional problems you may be having such as anger or depression.
  • Reiki can assist with workout recovery
  • Reiki can assist with workout focus and strength

For my Reiki services, please fill out a consult and I will contact you My Reiki background comes from certifying in Usui Reiki Ryoho and Quantum Shamanic Reiki.  I first started practicing Reiki on myself to help with anxiety and panic attacks, and insomnia, that I was having 5 years ago and I’ve never had them happen since then.  It works. You don’t have to believe in it.. It just works.



Rob Lagana

Rob Lagana, Fitness Coach at Lagana Fitness
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Rob Lagana, Fitness Coach

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I’m on a mission.
Whether you’re set on shedding a few pounds, preparing for a competition, or putting our health back on track, imagine how much faster you could succeed with a knowledgeable professional guiding you every crucial step of the way.

This is where I come in. My name is Rob Lagana, and I’m a fitness coach
and accomplished competitive bodybuilder with over two decades of
experience. I can help you turn your fitness and wellness goals into reality.
Results-driven and compassionate, I provide each client with a personalized experience and specially tailored workout routines and meal plans.

I know what it means to have personal challenges. I was born with ocular albinism (a condition that leaves me legally blind for life) and growing up had its share of hardship. However, that didn’t stop me from achieving my dream of becoming a successful competitive bodybuilder. Ultimately, it inspired me to help others achieve happiness, confidence, and overall wellness in their own lives.

In addition to training consistently and assisting my valued clients, I’m currently writing a book titled “Totally Healthy,” sharing my tried-and-true tips and tricks to fat loss and toning up by harnessing a balanced approach. With a nutrition and exercise regimen that is uniquely tailored to you and your needs, anything is possible! I believe in fitness being fun; I’ve never been an all-work, no-play kind of guy. Add positivity, empowerment, support, and a holistic approach to the mix, and you’re well on your way to paving the road to longevity.

Let’s begin your journey together! Reach out to me today.

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