People Form Habits and Habits Form People

To some, this video will hit home with you and motivate you to train harder.  To others, this video may open an awareness that in the early years of your life, you developed physically  habits which turn into reasons to motivate you to continue these habits.  A habit is a conditioned mind belief, that can have an effect on you. The effort you put into developing  your habits take work. Normally the less effort it takes to develop the habit and conditioning, the less results you get.  As an example,  if you want to change your physique and get leaner and healthier, you can’t just go in the gym and train without putting in healthy clean food into your body.  It’s easy to go into a gym and train, it’s harder to prep your meals and eat clean.  But you need you both to accomplish getting leaner and stronger and healthier at an optimal rate.  This is where your habits need more work and change.