Online Fitness Coaching Advantages

Gold-Tone-Coach-TrophiesOnline Fitness Coaching Advantages

Hiring a traditional personal trainer can be quite effective in helping you build muscle mass, lose weight and get into great physical shape. However, it can also be very expensive. Online fitness coaching offers the potential to offer highly effective coaching services for around 1/3 of the price of conventional personal trainers.

The traditional route over the years to improving one’s fitness level has been to join a gym or health club and enroll in some personal training coaching sessions with a staff trainer. For some people this old school approach can work very well. However, it also can be quite expensive to just learn some of the fundamentals, such as learning how to use certain machines or perform specific exercises correctly, let alone trying to get a handle on how an effective muscle building or weight loss program can be pieced together.

Fortunately, these days, a new trend is becoming increasingly popular over the internet that helps to put a new spin on thing for anyone looking to get into top physical shape at a very affordable price. This new trend is online fitness coaching.

How Conventional Personal Fitness Training Works

When you sign up to work with a personal trainer in person, you pay an hourly rate. It usually ranges from $75 to $100 per hour. During the hour, you waste time warming up and cooling down as well as doing cardio for some of your time.  This is not cost effective.  You can warm-up, cool down and do cardio on your own time. You don’t need a trainer for that.

Although the traditional personal training method does work, it can get expensive very quickly. A majority of fitness programs require you to commit to 3-4 months at least before you start seeing any significant changes to your body. Visiting your trainer over a 3-4 month period at 3 sessions per week can cost you around $3000. This cost typically doesn’t include any kind of consulting outside your regularly scheduled training sessions or involve a customized fitness program.

The Way Online Fitness Coaching Works

Typically when you sign up for online fitness coaching, you usually get access to a fitness coach in addition to nutrition advice and a complete workout program for a mere fraction of what it would cost to hire an offline personal trainer. Although it’s true that your personal trainer isn’t physically inside the gym with you while you are doing your exercises, you can print off meal templates and customized workouts, watch exercise videos and ask the personal trainer whatever questions you might have about the program. All of this is included for a reasonable monthly fee.

While you usually pay by the hour when you work with a personal trainer at the gym, with an online program you usually are able to ask an unlimited number of questions, work with your trainer to have him adjust your training program and call your trainer on occasion for a modest monthly fee. You will basically have 24/7 access to your trainer to get the necessary help you need as you are progressing towards your goals, and you won’t need to spend a fortune in the process. This is an excellent new way of getting the training and fitness help you need whenever you need it without having to shell out thousands of dollars.

Online Fitness Coaching includes the “Coaching / Client Experience” Coaching is not just being a trainer. A great coach looks at the physical, mental and spiritual person that you are.  Online fitness coaching frees up the trainers resources to allow for the coaching experience to happen in a timely and successful manner.

What Online Fitness Programs Cover

There are a wide range of services and aspects of fitness and nutrition that an online fitness program may cover. It can include access to a personal trainer or fitness expert who helps you customize your workout program, many online tools to help you measure and track your fitness and nutrition goals, extensive video libraries with instructional how to videos for various exercise routines, online forums and chat rooms where you can interact with other members and experts and much more. Many programs will also have weekly or monthly updates, including new workout routines, fitness tips, nutrition plans, recipes and new informational articles that can help you reach your personal fitness goals. Some programs even have weekly or monthly fitness and nutritional training classes, monthly coaching webinars. When choosing an online program, you will want to compare several ones to see which one offers the best features and best price to meet your own individual needs and goals.

Is Fitness Coaching A Good Fit For You?

Whether or not you decide fitness coaching is a good match for you, will depend on what your specific needs are. However, if what you mainly want access to a fitness expert or personal trainer to help you create an custom tailored fitness program and be able to ask questions without having the expense and hassle that one-on-one training sessions can often bring, then an online fitness program may very well be a great option for you to consider.  If you are very familiar with technique and good form in general with a wide variety of exercises,  online fitness coaching is for you.

Rob Lagana

Coach and Founder at Lagana Fitness
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Whether you’re set on shedding a few pounds, preparing for a competition, or putting your health back on track, you need a knowledgeable professional you can trust to guide you every crucial step of the way. Above all, you need a passionate individual who regards your success as their own.

This is where I come in: Hi, my name is Rob Lagana, and as a fitness coach and accomplished competitive bodybuilder with over two decades of experience, I’m on a mission to turn your fitness and wellness goals into reality. Both results-driven and compassionate, I provide all our clients with a personalized experience and specially tailored workout routines and meal plans. I also firmly believe in fitness being fun; I’ve never been an all work, no play kind of guy.

Growing up, I faced some hardship due to the ocular albinism I was born with (a condition that leaves me legally blind for life). However, that didn’t stop me from becoming a successful competitive bodybuilder, which ultimately inspired me to help others achieve happiness, confidence, and overall wellness in their own lives.

In addition to training consistently and assisting my valued clients, I’m currently writing a book entitled “Totally Healthy,” which offers tried-and-true tips and tricks to fat loss and toning up by harnessing a balanced holistic approach.

With the right nutrition and exercise regimen that is unique to you and your needs, anything is possible! Add positivity, empowerment, support, and a holistic approach to the mix, and you’re well on your way to paving the road to longevity. Let’s begin your journey together! Reach out to me today.

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