Follow These 5 Tips Improve Gut Bacteria

Tips Improve Healthy Gut Bacteria

Do you know your body has approximately 40 trillion bacteria, and most of them are in your intestines? As a group, they are known as gut microbiota. Although most of them are essential for your health, some can contribute to several diseases. Keep reading to learn 5 tips improve gut bacteria:

  • Try a wide range of whole foods

The different species of bacteria in your intestine each plays a different role, and they require different nutrients for their growth. The more diverse the microbiota, the healthier your body is. That is why experts recommend eating a variety of whole foods to keep all the bacteria species healthy. In some parts of the world, people only eat food that is rich in sugar and fat. Ideally, you should give yourself variety of whole foods, excluding processed sugars and fats. Eat seasonal veggies and fruits to make sure you’re meeting your daily nutritional requirements.

  • Eat plenty of legumes, beans, fruits, and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the best nutrient sources for healthy microbiota. These can improve your gut bacteria as they digest the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, and in turn, stimulate their growth. Some of the foods that you can try are artichokes, cabbage, raspberries, broccoli, green peas, lentils, chickpeas, whole grains, and beans, including pinto, white, and kidney. A study found that including these foods can prevent the development of some disease-causing bacteria. Additionally, you can also have pistachios, almonds, blueberries, and apples. These increase Bifidobacteria that can prevent intestinal inflammation and improve gut health.

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are not acceptable at several levels. First, they don’t allow healthy functioning of the bacteria in your body. Second, they impair insulin response. And third, they increase blood sugar. These elements increase the Enterobacteriaceae and Clostridium in your intestine; both of them are contributors to various types of gut diseases when they are present in high quantities.

  • Eat prebiotic foods

Prebiotic foods improve the growth of essential microbes in your gut. These are usually complex carbs or fiber food that humans are unable to digest. Instead, a few species of bacteria breaks them down, and uses them as fuel to promote their health. Resistant starch is one of the best prebiotic foods around. The small intestine refuses to digest them, and so they slowly move to the large intestine where the microbiota breaks them down. Apart from improving gut bacteria, prebiotic foods also reduce the risk of various diseases associated with different health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

  • Eat fermented food

Foods altered by microbes are known as fermented food. This is one of the 5 tips improve gut bacteria that you cannot resist because it contains some of the most delicious items you can add to your diet. Regularly eating fermented foods supply the gut with a wide range of health-promoting bacteria. The fermenting process involves yeasts or bacteria, converting sugars in the food to alcohol or organic acids. Some of the foods that you should include in your diet are kimchi, kombucha, yogurt (both dairy and non-dairy), buttermilk, kefir, sourdough bread, pickled ginger, cucumber, and sauerkraut, soy-based tempeh and miso, and some selected wines and vinegar.

Most of these foods contain high quantities of lactobacilli, a bacteria that improves your health. Try having a cup of yogurt both after lunch and dinner. This will also keep Enterobacteriaceae away, a bacteria that often causes several chronic diseases and inflammation.

If your bowel movement is not doing well for a prolonged period, you can follow these 5 tips improve gut bacteria. You might be surprised that boosting your gut health is as easy as making a few lifestyle changes.

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