Burzynski, the Movie: Cancer, a fight against this Global Killer

I have often wondered why there have not been any advances in decades when unimaginable sums of money have been thrown at research. But not just for cancer.  For all manner of diseases: diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chrones disease, and whatever else you can think of.  While I am not a genius, I’m not stupid either. We live in a capitalist society where money is power and big pharma companies has lots of money, ergo power.  And apparently there is more money in treating and managing disease than in curing it. Ordinary people follow the rules. Extraordinary people buck the system and bring about great change.  Dr. Bruzynski is indeed an extraordinary person whose time is overdue. His great work with anitneoplastons should be available to anyone who does not wish to endure the misery of traditional treatments for cancer.  With continued research, perhaps Dr.Bruzynski’s life long work could even be a stepping stone for cures to other diseases.  God bless him for his work, dedication, and courage. I hope that one day his antineoplastons therapy will be the norm rather than a mere alternative.  Please watch his documentary below:

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