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Don’t Fall For This Hcg And Weight Loss Scam

Don’t Fall For This Hcg And Weight Loss Scam

Losing weight is not easy. In fact many would argue that it is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. The issue is not so much that dropping a few pounds here and there is hard to accomplish, rather it is that keeping the weight off is extremely not easy. Recently people have begun to talk about hCG and weight loss as the newest method in rapidly helping people shed the pounds.

The question is does it work? To answer this we have to look at several factors.

First, let’s talk about what this substance is and where it comes from. The full name of hCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. It is basically a hormone produced by women during pregnancy and is most commonly found in their urine. Interestingly enough, this hormone is also produced during the formation of some cancerous tumors.

The thought process behind connecting hCG and weight loss is that there are potentially elements to the hormone that help stabilize a person’s metabolism and reduce hunger. Routine supplementation of it, will in theory lead to not just the loss of fat, but a more fit body overall.

That is however just the theory.

Reality seems to be a little bit different. First, there have not actually been any verifiable studies to substantiate these claims. In fact if you look online you will notice that the FDA is going after any company that tries to market hCG for weight loss purposes. The second thing you will notice about plans which incorporate this hormone for weight loss purposes is that they are always extremely low in calories.

Many of these hCG weight loss plans call for diets that are restricted to merely 500 calories.

Scientifically speaking, if anyone restricts themselves to 500 calories, they can be eating nothing but chocolate cookies and ice cream and still rapidly drop weight. It has nothing to do with what is being eaten or what supplements are being taken, and everything to do with the fact that the body is starving. As well, the rebound, when coming off a fad diet such as the HCG diet is huge! Expect to gain all the weight back and much more.

Barring any new evidence coming out that actually connects hCG and weight loss together in a substantive way, there is simply no reason to waste any money on a program claiming this hormone as a miracle worker. Now in the future might a connection be made? Sure it is possible, but as of today there are simply to many unknowns about what routine supplementation of hCG will do to the body in the long run and whether or not it has any relation to losing weight.

A diet plan needs to be structured around good whole food nutrition and exercise to have any real chance of being effective. Fad and crash diets have been shown time and time again to not work. There is no easy button or magic pill out there that will make the fat just disappear. Weight loss takes discipline and effort, not just initially, but for the rest of your life in order to never put the fat back on again.

My coaching is 100% based on feeding the muscles.  Muscles generate energy to keep your metabolism going. In no way, shape or form will you ever be starving, in fact I’ll be
surprised if you can eat all the food on your plan.
I don’t use fad diets. All my work is 100% customized to you and all food is 100% whole food based, with the exception of supplementation.

I am one of the most established coaches in Canada for physique transformation.  I have many clients in their 30s to 40s and under my guidance, they have made the most progress with me in the past year, than 10 years on their own.

Please take this time to action, what’s required of you to improve your health and fitness levels.  Please book in your no obligation free consultation with me.

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