The Importance of Staying Positive

The Importance of Staying Positive

Sherry HarrisThe Importance of Staying Positive

Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Cert. Spiritual Counsellor

We live in times when change is so constant and so unpredictable, we find ourselves forever trying to maintain balance, understanding and compassion. Life is so different now than it was even ten years ago, it is necessary to take a different approach to stay in equilibrium and harmony. So why is it so necessary now? In truth it always has been, it is just more obviously needed now in such times of flux as we now find ourselves.

Our world is changing vibrationally. We are being bombarded by high frequency emissions both from our sun and from the very cosmos itself. By Dec. 21, 2012 our planet will have moved completely into the photon belt of intense high energy emissions, while at the same time moving into alignment with Alcyon, our Great Cenrtral Sun. Both of these events bring to us unending emissions of higher frequency energies which are having a profound effect upon us as electric-magnetic energy beings. We are literally being lifted from the 3rd dimension into the 5th where we will exist as heart-centered beings no longer ruled by the dictates of the egoic mind.

This is an amazing time to be here on glorious planet Earth, who herself is going through the transition, but it is not always so easy to manage all the changes that result from this  influx of high intensity light we are receiving. In every way we are experiencing change. Our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our spiritual beingness—-all are changing. Some of it feels wonderful, some not so wonderful at all.

Physically, the symptoms of this ascension are many, including fatigue, dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, muscle aches and pains, loss of appetite or exacerbated appetite, unusual weight loss or gain and, the most common, sleep disturbance. It is not unusual to fall asleep, then be wide awake at 3, 4 and 5 am, just starting to fall into a deep sleep when it is time to get up. Many of us are chronically tired as a result of lack of uninterrupted sleep. It is merely our bodies trying to adjust to higher energies than we are used to.

Emotionally, depression and anxiety are manifesting frequently and an overall feeling of hopelessness, abandonment, and disconnection. As this intense high energy light enters our emotional body all that is constricted, hidden and unresolved is coming to the surface to be healed. This can feel frightening and painful at the same time. It must come up to be cleared. The only way  for you to heal buried issues is to to be aware of them. So many old issues of repressed anger, hurt and fear are coming up now. As unpleasant as this may be, it is a blessing. Find someone to work with to help you process it. Do not think you can do it on your own. It is impossible to be objective about your own stuff.

Spiritually, many of us are noticing great changes as well. A desire to find the truth of the nature of our existence is coming up for many. Along with that goes a questioning of the teachings from our religious upbringings that no longer seem to make sense to us. A desire to stop seeking and start Being more and to learn to love, allow and accept life as it unfolds is coming to us now. We long to know the truth of our Beingness, not continue to survive in our Busyness. Time to thrive, not merely to exist in numbed out, monotonous routine. Addictions are on the rise. As we become uncomfortable with the new sensations, some will try harder to numb out, escape. Addiction is fear based and keeps us small and separate from the Grandness we are. Now is the perfect time to address these issues so you can most benefit from the expansive, healing energies coming to us.

More than ever, it is important that we stay positive, see the beauty and goodness in life and continually celebrate our existence here on this beautiful planet. Gratitude for all we have, all we are and all we are becoming is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Negativity, complaining, gossiping, and whining are the most destructive energies and bring your energetic system down to a lower vibration immediately. Don’t allow yourself the luxury of a negative thought, (a book of the same title many years ago by Jon Cabot Zinn). Stay positive, stay grateful, stay in your heart and keep remembering who you are in your essence, Pure Love consciousness.

If you focus on the heart and the loving energies that radiate out from the heart such as kindness, compassion, trust, gratitude, and nowness (my word, living in the present) you will ride through this transition time with ease and grace. As we all contribute to the consciousness we live and breathe in, I believe each one of us has an obligation to the Whole to stay heart-focused, thus feeding the energy grid we live in. There is enough negativity on this planet. You and I do not need to be a part of it. People are always asking me what there purpose is. Your purpose here and now is, first to love yourself and secondly, to extend that love out to all consciousness on this planet and beyond. Your staying loving and positive is and will remain to be the greatest gift you can give to yourself and all of us.

To recap, we live in rapidly changing times where it is paramount that we stay positive, loving, grateful and trusting of the process. We are loved beyond measure and always have been. This is a very good time to remember that and act accordingly. You are not alone, you never have been and you could not be if you tried. We are surrounded constantly by loving, supportive guidance. Take the time to be still and connect with the love that envelopes us. Receive the high frequency love vibrations that are leading us through this transition with gratitude and you will soar. Celebrate. Life has never been more exciting than it is now.

Sherry Harris is a psychotherapist and spiritual coach, counsellor and teacher. You may reach her for a session at 613-236-8852 or by email at Her website is www.