How To Dine Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

DineHow To Dine Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

One of the most common complaints that dieters have is how to dine out without sabotaging their diet. There are many techniques that you can incorporate into your dining plans to help you stay on track with your weight loss. Continue reading how you can dine out without sacrificing your weight loss efforts.

Portion Control

Most dishes served at restaurants is actually enough food for two servings. To avoid the temptation of overeating, ask your server to place half of your order in a to go box before they deliver it to your table. Not only will this keep you from overheating, but it will also give you a lunch or dinner for the next day.

Skip The Appetizers

Many people feel they must order an appetizer when offered one. This is one of the biggest mistakes dieters make when dining out. Instead of ordering an appetizer, ask your server to bring your soup or salad out before your entree arrives. If you must order an appetizer, choose a shrimp cocktail.

Drink Two Glasses Of Water

Ask your server for a couple of glasses of water before your meal arrives. By drinking two full glasses of water before eating, you can limit the amount of food you eat. Additionally, take a sip of water between each bite to give your brain time to realize that you are full.

Ask About Low Calorie, Low Fat Options

Many restaurants now offer reduced calorie low fat options on their menu. Ask your server for suggestions. If there are not low calorie options available, opt for either an appetizer or salad as your main course. A simple grilled chicken breast with a side salad is the perfect choice for dieters.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks

Many people do not realize the calories in alcoholic beverages. Instead of ordering a soda, a glass of sweet tea or an alcoholic beverage, order an unsweetened tea or a glass of ice water with lemon. This will help prevent you from ingesting unnecessary calories. If you must order an alcoholic beverage, choose a light beer or a single glass of wine.

Skip Dessert

When you are out to eat, you may be tempted by one of the desserts offered at the restaurant. If possible, skip dessert. However, if you feel you must have dessert, ask your friend if they would like to split a dessert with you. If this is not an option, many restaurants are now offering miniature desserts. For example, some chain restaurants now offer a one ounce dessert known as a dessert shooter. This offers those wanting dessert something small with lower calories.

Many dieters do not know how to eat properly when dining out. By following the techniques from this article you can enjoy a dinner out with friends without sacrificing your diet. Learn from the information above and begin using the strategies located in this article the next time you go out to eat while on a diet.