The Reward

The Reward

Ottawa Personal TrainerThe Reward.

In a post I wrote about, Rob’s 5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight and Stay On Track On Your Own, one thing I’d like to write about is fitness and healthy lifestyle rewards..

Losing weight and getting into a healthier and leaner condition is a reward in itself. The feeling and respect you get is surreal. The people that have negative things to say, can stay jealous. You are gold. As an example, there’s nothing like training your ass off, putting in all that hard work with meal prep, workouts and balancing the rest of your life and you successfully reach your goal.. dropping 35 lbs, 60 lbs, 100 lbs plus!! How do you feel?? I know, it’s amazing !  The reward, outweighs the work.. And that’s what people need to know when starting to a transformation challenge. The Rewards outweigh the hard work and pain…

How much effort did it take you to overcome skills like walking ?  You probably don’t remember, but it took you practice and practice and you finally took those steps and walked.

So, like walking you learn new skills, one skill at a time, don’t stress out. Practice and you’ll get there. Encouragement from others is what you need and require to get there, just like your first steps. Get it online or in person, whatever moves you. Here’s my 10 ten list of rewards you can get from achieving a healthier weight and looking great.

  1. Walk your pet around the block, instead of standing in front of your home. (it’s pretty bad if your here).. so work HARDER and SMARTER
  2. Boost your confidence and get more compliments
  3. Better sex (core work, better cardio etc.. endurance).
  4. Opposite sex notices the changes
  5. You get to play with kids and not get tired after 2 minutes (it’s pretty bad if your here)
  6. You realize your beautiful again and everything seems new
  7. You just increased your chance of not getting cancer by 50% if your already healthy.
  8. You probably will get 90% to 100% of your bucket list done
  9. Your success in your physical well-being trickles to every area of your life
  10. You learn to listen, believe, adore, and empower yourself on a daily basis, in a postive way.


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